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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happiness Is. . .

~Emails and blogging really get me through. The social network, support and encouragement is amazing. Humor, compassion, and shoe shopping! What more could a gal ask for?

~Diet CHERRY coke. The Cherry ingredient is key. Or even Coke Cherry Zero.

~SPELLCHECKER! And dictionaries and thesaurus for that matter. Basically, instant information at your fingertips. Immediate answers to any questions you may have, access to videos, music. .you get the picture. the Internet itself just rocks.


~TiVo. I heart TiVo soooo much. And I love my shows and being able to watch them when I can. Being able to have the interruptions and pause and not get frustrated. It gives me a life, actually, because otherwise, I'd really be glued to the TV too much.

~My bedtime routine. One of my favorite times of the day is checking on my kids when I'm finally headed to bed myself. I have a routine of setting down the ice water, turning on specific lights that are dim enough not to disturb, but offer enough for me to get a good glimpse. I was always the babysitter that would wake the sleeping children to be sure they were still breathing. I'm still that mom, too, except I know how to check now, without waking! If I don't hear audible noises, I will rest my hand on the chest to feel the warmth and rise and fall. Pulling the covers that have been kicked off back over the little bodies. The peaceful slumber. Moving from one room to the next. The cricket noise machine. It's reassuring for me to go to sleep now. Then, there's the snoring of Hubby when I enter our room, the small fan we have for white noise running and the dogs sprawled out that I have to wrestle a spot from.

~Kissing Hubby when we first get home. Even the teasing accusing question, "did you kiss me when you got home?" if we neglect to do it right away. Also, the kissy noises we exchange when saying good night or leaving (usually on different schedules with each other).

~Being greeted by the dogs and the little noises they make throughout the day. Even when they are annoying me, I know how strange it is to come home to an empty house. It's way too quiet. I miss the clack of their nails on the hardwood floors or the sound of them shaking off after waking up from a nap.

~Much like seeing the fish swim around and that the plants aren't droopy. .I may not think about them much, but I'm relieved when I do take notice to see them thriving.

~Also, similarly, I enjoy the sounds you learn that you don't even think about until someone new enters and is startled, inquisitive, etc. Like the ice maker, the squeaky faucet being turned on upstairs, the garage door opening, the clink of Hubby's weights, the water running in the pipes from the washing machine. Hearing and knowing these sounds is comforting to me.

~Little Man flopping his head down on your shoulder or chest. Sweet Pea never relaxed much, but Little Man is a superb snuggler and it's just the best feeling in the world when he lays against you or into you.

~Watching them interact with each other. It's so sweet. And I know it won't always be, so I truly treasure it now. Especially when they are laughing. Or competition squealing.

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