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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Battery Power

The things that keep me going. . .

* Water - No, really. Instead of coffee, tea, or other caffeine, it's what truly wakes me up in the morning and gets me through the day. I must have a water bottle with me at all times or at least an easily accessible water fountain. If it weren't a necessity, you might even call me a water addict.

* Yoga/Kickboxing - Any form of exercise is good, but on days when I get to do yoga or kickboxing, life is grand.

* The coffee shop around the corner from work - I don't drink coffee (because I'm highly sensitive to caffeine and it makes me strung out as if I'm on crack), but occasionally I'll drink tea or chai from this coffee place for an afternoon boost. Even if I don't do it, just the fact that I'm a block away, and I could if I wanted to, that's kind of enough.

* Masala (my dog) - He is my angel, and I don't care if that makes me pathetic.

* TV - Trashy teen dramas, HBO original series, or good, solid network soaps - I need to zone out after a day of dealing with shitheads

* Lunch with my co-workers - we have a small, tight-knit office and almost every day our dysfunctional family goes to lunch together. We cut up and joke like 19 yr olds, and sometimes looking forward to it is the only thing that gets me through a morning of court.

* Getting and receiving ecards from - best ecards ever! You can also make your own, which is totally addictive and fabulous.

* Breakfast - A no brainer, but for reals. Without breakfast I would. Not. Make. It.

3 tips left at the bar:

Andi said...

Nik - I won't even tell you what my first thought was when I read your title, but it would fit in your bedside table drawer, let's just say!! ;)

You are most definitely a water-aholic.

I can attest the the aweseomeness of someecards, because you sent me some recently that made me laugh out loud: "There's no shame in umemployment if you stay indoors." that's funny! AND "I'd offer you some moral advice,. . . but I have questionable morals" Fabulous!

I think it's great ya'll all get along enough to have lunch together everyday. That is pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

I cannot get through my day without coffee and water is a dirty word to me!! It would be so nice to have coworkers who I liked to lunch with but they are a bunch of weird people that I try and avoid as much as possible!

Anonymous said...

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