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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So Disgusting, I Obviously Have to Try It


I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a Jack-O-Lantern picture that made me shiver. It’s the rats, it’s totally the rats. Can’t stand ‘em, think they’re completely creepy—which is why it’s perfect for Halloween, no?

This idea brought to you by Martha Stewart.

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niki said...

Damn it. I hate it when Martha Stewart has an idea I like. Maybe I'll Nik-ify it and use spiders instead....

penelope said...

I know--Martha. Ugh. She was my "scary" Halloween costume one year.

Spiders, that's brilliant! They're also cheaper and easier to come by.

Megan said...

Martha makes me puke. But I guess it's in a good way because that's a really good-scary idea. And it gives me the willies too. What would be even worse (for me personally) would be roaches. I will come undone over some gigantic-o roaches.

But mice will work too, especially for Halloween. I think I would be compelled to stomp that damn thing into the ground, though. But that's just me.

mendacious said...

wow, k'ato? won that challenge... hmm. slim pickings though right... anyway, what i was going to say was it's like the rats are a hommage to that horrible rat movie about that rat chef and his non chef friends? what would gross me out is maybe slugs? : )

Bj in Dallas said...

speaking of puking, have you girls seen the puking pumpkin? I'll try to send it over, it's puking pumpkin seeds and pretty gross
I think Martha Stewart is an alien that has been sent to us from the planet CRAFT