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Thursday, September 25, 2008


This post would be a lot longer if it were a list of things I'm bad at, but what is an attorney good for if not turning shit around and making it smell a little nicer? 

* I guess that would be number one - Spin.  In my personal and professional life, I'm pretty good at turning things around and using them to my benefit.  I wouldn't necessarily recommend it in all arguments with your significant other, but in the courtroom, it's the ultimate.

* Kissing boys - This is more of a quantitative statement than a qualitative one.  I mean, yes, numerous men have complimented my technique, but I just figure that's a line men always throw out in an effort to get into your pants.  What I mean is that if I want to kiss a boy (or boys), I will.  I learned this skill while studying and living abroad in England.  My flatmates even gave me a "Snog Monster" award because I kissed three Italian men in one night. 

* Watching movies - I can watch a ridiculous amount of movies back-to-back.  Once I even watched three in a row at the movie theatre.  It was mid-afternoon when we went in, completely dark when we finally left.

* Sizing people up - Within ten minutes of meeting someone, I can get a pretty good feel for his/her character and, more importantly, whether I like him/her.  It's not in a judgmental way, because despite first impressions, I do leave an open mind for further development.  I've just found that 99 times out of 100, my initial instinct is dead on. 

* Baking cookies - I know Megan and Pen are the recipe queens at the bar, but trust me, I can bake the hell out of some cookies, always from scratch.  I must give credit where credit is due - Andi taught me one of my secrets back in our days of cookie dough and boy talk (it's all in the moment you take it out of the oven).  The other secrets, I'll never tell, but I'll challenge anyone to a cookie duel!

4 tips left at the bar:

Andria said...

These are all definite Niki traits!

And funny you mention that I passed on my knowledge to you about cookies, because I must have passed it ALL on to you and forgotten it myself. Sweet Pea & I tried to make some from scratch a few weekends ago and they were a flop! THey looked good in the oven, but I expected them to fall when they came out and be deliciously gooey. . but they stayed puffed and cake-like. I used to be so excellent at baking, I don't know where I went wrong. But, I immediately thought of you and wanted to call you to ask the secret, because I remember you bringing some you'd made from scratch somewhere and they were soooo awesome. I also remember the time we tried to concoct our own recipe. .including pretzel sticks and all kinds of things. Complete nastiness!

Sheila said...

Oh Niki -- do you have a fabulous oatmeal raisin cookie recipe?! It's my all-time favorite, and I've not been able to perfect them.

And to all you girls: I really like these lists. It's good to remind yourselves what you're good at -- and it reminds us of why we like you & your blog so much~

niki said...

Sheila, I have only made oatmeal raisin cookies once, so I don't have much comparison (I specialize in chocolate chip variations). I used the recipe on the Quaker Oats lid and the folks I gave them too loved them. I did add some chocolate chips which gave them a little extra umph. Also, always use butter, never margarine; it's best if you can get it to room temp before baking.

Andi, that recipe was a masterpiece of awfulness. My mom was all, "You put PRETZELS in it??" If I remember it started off as cookies and then became a cake? Or vice versa? Whatever it was, it was NOT delicious.

Bj in Dallas said...

by now you all are saying, buy a drink, or get out of our bar....
I love this post a rama you girls have had! come over to and say something (megan visits) and I have to say to Nikki, I too, love the fact that I can size people up and am usually right on. Although, it doesn't happen as well with men because I am kissing them instead of sizing them up (just kidding) but I'm just sayin...