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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Barefoot is SO Last Season

You're all well aware that we barmaids have a penchant for fashion and shoes.  As your comments and blogs indicate, you readers are sassy, trendy ladies (and gentlemen??) yourselves.  Please help prevent this bartender from becoming her own worst WTFriday Fug.


It's like this. I need some new shoes. Badly. The problem: I live in the middle of nowhere, a good 45-60 mins away from a decent mall, and I do not possess the attention span or time to properly attack this task over the internets.

The Goal: Find me some cute but solid work shoes.

The Prize: $25 gift certificate to or if I select your shoes

The BONUS Prize: $50 gift certificate to Zappos or Amazon if the shoes I select are vegetarian and eco-friendly shoes, i.e. no animal producs and good to the environment (as defined by me). (that's $50 total, not in addition to, just to be clear. Because I'm not rich.)

The Time: At least one week, until Oct 2, or as long as it takes to find me some shoes or give up on the entire project

The Catch: I'm kind of picky. Just because I'm having this contest doesn't mean there's going to be a winner (read: I'm not forcing myself to pick one of your selections.). I know, how bitchy of me, but really, it's shoes people and you know how important they are. I don't have the funds to go buying them willy-nilly.

1. Black or really kickass red or brown that can go with multiple outfits

2. Heel, but not too too stiletto-y high or too lame-ass low.  The larger the circumference of the heel the better; no matter how tall/short, the teeny ones always land me on my bottom.

3. Comfortable - this is crucial as I am on my feet a lot running around court dealing with difficult people and my feet need to be happy.

4. No pointy toes. Repeat after me. No pointy toes. They may be great for others, but they are simply not my style.

5. Should not cost more than $150. I mean, you can submit them if you like, but it's highly unlikely I'll buy anything that costs more than that right now.

6. I tend to like Mary-jane styles - I'm comfortable with it, but I am interested in branching or finding a new take on it.

7. Funky and interesting is good, just remember the event: it's court, so I can't go bounding in with fish in my platforms.

8. Closed-toe is probably better, just in case hell freezes over and I have to wear the dreaded panty hose. However, my current work fave is a peep-toe, so don't abide too strictly by the whole closed-toe idea.

9. Enter as many times as you want.

10. Vegetarian/eco-friendly is NOT a requirement because, trust me, I know how impossible it is to find cute shoes fitting that bill - that's why you get extra prize if you can perform that miracle.

11. What else? I have no idea. Check the comments and back here for updates. Please feel free to ask questions and I'll try to answer.

12. DUH.  I wear 7.5 or 8, maybe a 7 if they run big.

13. DUH SQUARED. Please link to your submissions in the comments.  In order to win a prize, you should submit specific shoes and not just websites (and uh, please don't try to circumvent that rule by linking every. single. shoe. from a website. Not cool.).

Why are you still reading this post? Get shopping!!

23 tips left at the bar:

Lorrie Veasey said...

OMgosh--isn't this why they invented crocs in the first place?

niki said...


I would be kicked out of the courtroom for wearing crocs, not to mention kicked out of the Smartini bar!!

penelope said...

Holy crap, we can't wear Crocs to the bar? This is news to me. Bad news.

kwr221 said...

These aren't exactly the ones I saw in a magazine ad last month - but they're cute,default,pd.html

kwr221 said...

These are the ones - they come in black, too
and they come on closed toe,default,pd.html?cgid=3063794

Bj in Dallas said...

OMG- I need an iv drip for good shoes- I hate the round toes with heels, I hate ballet flats, I love flip flops but they don't look good with nice slacks, I am a SHOE NIGHTMARE
I have some Nine West boots that are 15 years old and I would buy 10 more pair if I could find the f&*^$ers- they are BITCHIN- HELP
I do love Nordstroms, so thats a good start...

Megan's Shoe Pick said...

Here is my first submission, I'm sure there will be others!

(I fully expect Ashley to rise to this challenge like the good little shoe goddess she is!)

Megan's Shoe Pick 2 said...

Since green may not be your thing, here is the same shoe as before but in black (and at full price).

Damn, these are CUTE!

Megan said...

Pen, it's a good thing you stand behind the bar where we can't see your fugly crocs! But I bet you're damn comfortable back there, aren't you?

Andria said...

Oooh! I LOVE Megan's submission. Although, I couldn't tell the first one was green? But, that price! Wow! And it says it's padded, which sounds nice. It might be a little tall, though, for lots of walking? I'd like to see the red option!

Sheila said...

What a fun challenge for Friday...I shall return with great options!

Smilf said...

I am totally working on this sometime this weekend. I am a shoe whore. I was totally going the Christian Louboutin route until you gave me a budget. A budget?! What is THAT?! LOL

Pen's first pick said...

Is the shoe hunt over? I'm late to the game, but I wanted to give a try anyway. I MAY have a habit of selecting ugly shoes, keep in mind. Like, the lining on this shoes is possibly very ugly. But I also sort of like it? Same with the button.
Madden Girl Women's Roco Wedge

penelope said...

Can't resist.

penelope said...

Oxfords, anyone?

penelope said...

More MaryJanes, because I love 'em:

Andria said...

Not sure why I feel the need to voice my opinion, but not contribute any submissions myself, but that's how I roll.

I like Uno a good bit, Pen! And Nik, I can see you wearing some of those bigger, clunky shoes back in the day. . .not sure about now with suits/skirts in the courtroom, but they do kind of suit you. . I, too, was into bigger, thinking they made me taller.
And, I can totally see you in the bright blue crocs, on the beach or out walking casually. They are kind of cute, surprisingly.

kwr221 said...

Here's another one in black or brown

kwr221 said...

in black, tan or red! a heeled maryjane

kwr221 said...

this one is listed as comfy and cute - the heel is high enough to be stylish

kwr221 said... has a bunch of cute ones under the category of maryjanes - but they have have heels, so they would be good for work. But I'm too lazy to link them all now.
But check out this page

kwr221 said...

this one is eco friendly

and so is this one, but it's $155

kwr221 said...

Sooo, when are you going shopping? have you looked at all the links yet?

I'm suddenly feeling the urge for new shoes myself! :-)