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Friday, August 8, 2008

WTFriday: Botox Needles—Not Just for Injecting Poison Into Your Face.







Dear Virginia Madsen,

First of all, you are way too seasoned, talented, and lovely to do mainstream commercials. After playing the Maya in Sideways—romantic, but real, and completely heart-stealing—what reason is there to go back?

But if you absolutely had to go there, why, why, oh why did you choose BOTOX. Why.

My happy little bubble has been totally burst,

2 tips left at the bar:

Andi said...

sadly, that picture is perfect, though, for Botox. She looks perfectly smooth, plump and frozen.

(yea! Love the signature. .suits you well)

Megan said...

Surely Botox wasn't The One, The Only that would pay her for her endorsement?

At least it wasn't a Vagisil commercial, or one of those rip off 'second honeymoon' deals like Alan Thicke!