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Monday, August 11, 2008

While You Were at the Bar 8/11

News you can use:

John Edwards has admitted to having an affair with a woman in 2006. Sadly enough, it took place while his wife Elizabeth was undergoing treatment for cancer.

A war has broken out between the former Soviet state Georgia, and Russia. I don't quite understand it all, but there have been reports of over 2,000 deaths so far.

Singer Isaac Hayes and comedian Bernie Mac passed away over the weekend.

News you can lose:

My thoughts on the Olympics so far (I told you I would be watching!):

-Opening ceremonies were FABULOUS! Damn at the precision and execution of the performers. Watching all of the athletes walk by reminds me that I need to travel more... lots of good looking men around the globe! Did not like the U.S. team's hat. Yao Ming and the little boy were so. effing. cute.

- I yell especially loud during the swimming (YUM, the physique on those boys!).

- Bob Costa's hair is such a bad dye job. Blech!

- Holy shit, Michael Phelps is phast!

- The little itty bitty bottoms those beach volleyball players wear make me nervous.

- I'll be watching 'til the end, that's fo' sho'!

Word of the Day:

(noun): the study of flags

The Olympics has really made me take up vexillology.

1 tips left at the bar:

penelope said...

I heard about Isaac Hayes, but Bernie Mac??

John Edwards, blarg.

Agreed, those opening ceremonies were fantastico!