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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Slapped with a soggy newspaper

I come home at lunch today to find newspaper pages ALL over the yard. I have a steep driveway and they were from one end to the other, on both sides, strewn all across the yard. A stupid weekly paper that I don't want. That I don't ask for. That I need to do a better job of finding out how to NOT get. But, it's just one more thing to go along with my rant and subsequent lecture this week.

I decided I'd deal with cleanup later since I am on my lunch break and clean up could be involved and lengthy. Maybe make a "game" out of it with Sweet Pea to challenge her to help me and see how many pieces we could run around and collect.

Then, the bottom fell out. So, now there's soggy wet newspaper plastered all over our yard. Not as much fun to pick it up. ick.

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Megan said...

BITCHES! That's so much worse since you know damn good and well that when you pick one of those pieces up, it's going to fall apart into a million more.

penelope said...

We used to get that crap like that delivered to our house as well, and they seem to have stopped. Maybe it sitting in a wet puddle for weeks on end was a hint to the delivery person.