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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Slapped for Improper Use of the Postal Service

So, I go home for lunch today and find this note in my mailbox. tee. guess my plan is affecting the wrong people?


Part of me thinks, "ok. fine. I'll stop."

But, then, the snarky hell-bent part of me thinks, "First of all, my name is ANdria, not Adria. And yes, I know they are junk mail and I don't want them; send them back. I did not ask for them; send them back! I don't want to waste trees and throw them away, I want them to understand they are not to send them to me anymore. If I had moved, would you send them back then? I can't call all of the different companies that send me crap."

I wonder if they have just been throwing them away rather than waste time sending them back as requested. That would lessen my impact a bit.

And the really snarky mean part of me could totally take a red pen and correct those grammatical mistakes, write a note on the other side and stick it back in the mailbox. But, I really am not mad at the USPS and don't want to start a war with my delivery person. I want to get my fun mail. So, I'll just wait for my opt-out to take affect.

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Molly said...

A postal worker told me one time that they will not forward junk mail or send it back to the company, they just throw it away. There is a company out east (I can't think who) and apparently if you send them your information they can stop a lot of junk mail coming your way, kind of like the Do Not Call registry for the phone.

I hate junk mail too - it sucks big time!

niki said...

Is your mailperson a 4th grader?

penelope said...

Or perhaps "special?"

Megan said...

How funny that this showed up right after your rant! Love it!

Oooh, I'd be tempted with the red pen too. That kind of shit irks me!

(I did hear of someone tearing the offers up into little pieces and putting them in the BUSINESS REPLY envelope that these companies send out. That way, it's 'real' mail and costs them money. Ha!)