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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Q & A

I suppose only kwr221 and Molly have burning questions to ask me, so here we go.  As promised, answers to questions submitted by the prize-winning captionists:

Q: How did y'all (no I'm not Southern. shut. up.) meet and how did you get started blogging here? (kwr221)

A:  I hope no one has any secrets, because I'm about to put it all out there. Most of us actually grew up together.  I've known Ashley since 1st grade, Andria since 3rd grade, and Megan since probably middle school (? I have no idea when we first met Megs!).  Tempe joined us all in 9th grade when Catholic school finally kicked her out.  Megan and I were roommates freshman and sophomore year of college, and Tempe and I were roommates for the remainder of college after I returned from 1/2 a year in England.  Ash picked up Penelope in grad school, and Pen, Megs, and Andria became fast friends via the internet in part because they all have children of similar ages.  Megan then coerced us into a group blog about 4 months ago : )  I'm sure the other ladies will serve up any delicious details I've neglected to mention!

Q: Okay, don't roll your eyes at me, I was "told" to ask this question: As you are a lawyer, what do your legal briefs look like?!!! (Molly)

A:  Cheeky girl!  I can't imagine who suggested this question to you.  I'm going to answer you straight up, though, as I assume you are referring to my knickers and not pages upon pages of legal argument (which I don't write anyway because I am a trial lawyer and only appellate lawyers write briefs; trial lawyers just make shit up).  Underwear is one of my favorite indulgences, and if I find a brand that I like, I'll usually stock up.  This has become a problem as my underwear of choice keeps increasing in price.  Currently my top picks are Honeydew boyshorts and various styles of lacy, sassy hipsters sold at UrbanOutfitter.  These aren't Hollywood-style prices, but on my teeny budget, they sure as hell aren't Hanes Her Way (which I'm not doggin, just sayin' they are more cost-effective).  I really used to be into Hanky Panky thongs, and I still am, but these boyshort/hipster things sometimes do just as good of a job of eliminating VPL and I don't have dental floss stuck up my butt all day; of course, sometimes only a thong will do.  Honestly, I can talk about panties (or pants, for our British readers) all day long, so please let us know what YOUR briefs look like as well!

6 tips left at the bar:

Andi said...

What a fun post! Thanks so much for sharing. Your panties look so fun, I really want to try them out .. mine have gotten so blah. They don't look like they'd be that uncomfortable, it's just not a style I've ever considered before.

penelope said...

Hey, those ARE pretty damn cheap, and I do love some boy shorts. Very comfy and yet not your grandma's under-drawers. I'm seriously going to have to look into placing an order here, thank you for this PSA.

Megan said...

Wait one minute! I thought I had more time! Damnit! And here I was all excited because after you offered to answer readers' questions over at Nik's Notes and then DID NOT answer mine, I was ready to throw it back at you.

If you're feeling generous, please tell me If you were going to eat meat again, what would be the first thing you would go for?

I was at the same school as all y'all from the jump, I guess we just weren't BFFs then? Poor ol' me, out of the circle for so many years!

Oh, and I am so anti VPL that only floss will do!

niki said...

I will also add that for whatever reason, the style of these undies really makes my butt look nice when nekkid, for those of you who are into that sort of thing ; )

Molly said...

I wear thongs and realized this morning I need to replace them as some of them have holes. Where there should not be holes. I have a knicker eater in my knicker drawer I think!

Andi said...

I actually moved to town in 2nd grade, but I wasn't going to protest, because it might have taken us a year to warm up to each other - weren't you the girl that moved away to FLA and then came back? And we were basically roommates during middle/high school, spending so much time at each other's houses during the summer. It was such a formitive relationship for me, I forget about you being so bonded to the other girls, too, and probably moreso during those experimental college days.

Sounds like we are all in need of some new undies, so thanks again!