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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Q & A, Part II (just for Megan)

See comments from Q & A Part I.

Q: If you went non-veg for an evening, what restaurant would you go to, and what would you eat? (Megan)

A: A chicken wing joint. Immediately, The Blind Pig (in Athens) and Wild Wings come to mind. I would order the hottest ones, and I would dip that deliciousness into some blue cheese sauce and I would eat the hell out of them.

Then I would order another flavor. Repeat.

And so on until I hated myself for a) compromising my morals and b) eating so much that I wanted to vomit.

True Story #1: Last summer I got really drunk at a wedding and at the "after party" at a bar, I totally scarfed down some chicken wings. It was so embarrassing because the next morning everyone knew and was laughing at me. I felt like such a hypocrite and REALLY guilty about the entire debacle.

True Story #2: A couple of weeks ago* I dreamed about eating chicken wings. Perhaps I've got a protein deficiency?

(Confidential to Megan - I actually drafted the answer to this question first, before I ever answered any of the other questions on nik's notes. However, for some stupid reason, it never got posted! Also, I haven't forgotten about those other questions, I just got distracted. . .so keep an eye out because you never know when they could appear.)

*This was actually several months ago, but when I first composed the answer to Meg's question, it was two weeks, so I left it.

2 tips left at the bar:

Megan said...

Hey, thanks for being all nice and answering my late submission!

It kind of makes me smile that you got drunk and ate some wings. That's my girl! (Even though it make you feel dirty later, I still love it!) I'm feeling a bit out of touch, though, because I would have laid my money down on some ribs. Yum.

Anonymous said...

My friend Sarah came to visit me from England about 10 years ago and she is a vegetarian and she felt that there was nothing at fast food restaurants (where we ate a lot because we traveled a lot) so she ate fish which was totally against what she believed in and begged me not to tell anyone. And she enjoyed it!