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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Katie, You Tight Rollin' Mess

Karen (in her fully pregnant, about to explode state) sent me this article calling Katie Holmes FASHION FORWARD.

I'm sorry, what?

Bobbie Thomas goes on about how menswear is in vogue and we simply all must wear button down shirts, vests and relaxed jeans. Ok, ok, I'll bite on that because hey, what do I know? I still think Crocs are the ugliest shoe out there.

No, wait, let me tell you what I DO KNOW. This shit is FUGLY. I was never a fan of the new skinny jean look, so I'll go for the relaxed jean move... but never, ever, ever for the rest of my natural days will I EVER tight roll my jeans (again, because yes, back in the sixth grade that was cool). And even if I did, it certainly would not be as much rollin' as KHC has done here... Were these jeans 8 inches too long for her?

Which brings me to another problem with the article:
"Katie Holmes has literally been wearing Tom's jeans!"

Apparently Bobbie has never seen Katie standing next to Tom. Or Tom standing next to anyone over 5 feet tall, for that matter.

5 tips left at the bar:

penelope said...

I think her goal might just be to turn into Tom Cruise himself. Seriously, she's not far off.

Sheila said...

I was thinking the exact same thing...there is no way those are Tom's pants, unless it was before he had them hemmed up about 4 inches.

Smilf said...

I freaking saw this the other day and I wanted to die. I hated tight rolling! And as easy as it looked it took forever to get the perfect tight roll you know? Sick. Seriously. Even if every person in American goes back to this fashion, I will just look like an ass in my skinny jeans. I cannot believe this.

Bj in Dallas said...

Megan! I came over to see everyone,and my site, compared to the Smartini girls, is like a drunken 2nd grader designed it. I have only one way to go which is up! As far as the Katie Holmes crap, wasn't Suri in Armani for all the wedding festivities? And Tom IS a midget, standing on his wallet, so actually he is really shorter than he appears! The only time I would roll up my jeans is if the refrigerator is flooding (oh shit, it did that tonight!) because the icemaker has gone haywire, or I am trying on some Jimmy Choo's and need to see my legs in them
Menswear should stay on men, I like shirts that show the girls off.....

niki said...

Gah! Thanks for following-up on KatieJeanWatch2008 Megan! I found a picture of her and Tom wearing the SAME PAIR OF JEANS that I'm going to try to share asap.