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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

While You Were at the Bar 8/26

News you can use:

Ted Kennedy spoke at the DNC last night and got everybody a whipped into a frenzy. I watched a little of Michelle Obama's speech and wondered why do we hear from the candidates wives all of the time? What happens if your wife isn't a lawyer and excellent speaker?

American Idol will start the next season with a fourth judge. Songwriter Kara DioGuardi will join the panel and support Paula Abdul with more 'girl power.'

The Prime Minister of Iraq has declared that the U.S. and Iraq have agreed to have all troops out of the country by the end of 2011. Washington will not confirm this statement

News you can lose:

I rather like making this section just my senseless notes and observations, so I might continue. ESPECIALLY since no one said 'Awww...' yesterday like I really hoped they would. (Which would have only encouraged me, so actually, good move on your part.)

Yesterday I played my beer drinking song for some people and work and they laughed at me. Flat. Out. Then they decided that instead of saying 'chicken friiiiiied' it sounded like he was saying 'chicken fiiiiight' and they started making up lines to the new hokey Georgia cock fightin' song. 'You know I love my chicken fiiiiights, take a spur to the eyyyyye'

Yesterday Sheila commented that her English husband was embarassed by the mayor of London. I sure am glad that someone else agrees with me that he looked a bit like an oaf! Then Molly got all excited because she heard the word English and started throwing out words of her own like Brummie. Mols, if you're not scanning, please tell us what a Brummie is.

Word of the Day:

Hobson's choice (noun): a choice without an alternative; the thing offered or nothing

(I have never heard of this in my life.)

It really was a Hobson's choice, there was no other way to be Smartini other than to read! And hey, if all your library has is trashy romance novels, that's the Hobson's choice burden you have to carry. And then tell us so that we can go to your library and Hobson's choice too.

2 tips left at the bar:

Anonymous said...

See how I must come over from England and educate you?! A Brummie is a person from Birmingham (not Alabama, that was actually named after the original Birmingham in England!), which is my home town. And people from London are Londoners (original!) or cockneys depending upon if they have the cockney accent, people from Liverpool are Liverpuddlians or scousers. People from Manchester are Mancurians. People from Newcastle are Geordies. Get the picture?

Actually I have to tell you that you know how everyone in American makes fun of Texans (sorry Texas)? Well everyone in England makes fun of Brummies because we have the uncoolest accent! But it is a good ploy because really we are the coolest of them all!

Smilf said...

Oh my gosh. The poor mayor. He looked so nervous and cute but yet I was embarrassed for him all at the same time. LOL