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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In the closet

For this week's special, I reveal to you the dreaded state of my closet. I'm not sure how well it's captured - I alternately look at it and think it's not that bad (there's something deceiving about hanging clothes) and then shudder in horror and want to run and hide (under that big pile of sh*t would probably cover me nicely)

You'll notice there is a step stool in there somewhere, buried beneath the clothes I take off and discard.
It should be used to reach the top levels, so they don't end up looking like I jumped and poked a hanger up there to pull things down or just threw them back on top, which, in fact, I do.

and sadly, it spills out into all areas of the room. . Little Man helps make trails that look like they lead to and from the closet of doom. And I could have kept going to capture the unpacked bag spewing clothes next to the hamper or the socks and massive shoes dispersed on the floor in front of Hubby's neat and orderly closet.

But wait, there's more! Not to be outdone by fellow barmaid, Pen, when it's my WS topic. Even though it's cheating and still not comparable because I'm using multiple examples (but her room was so big!) I should hesitate to give you further evidence of my closet horrors; throughout my house and infiltrating more poor children's rooms. I thought they were mostly organized, but they seem to picture differently than what I had in my head. Why or why must I feel competitive about this and disclose so much more than required? My hubby will bemoan this post as well, I'm sure.

Little Man's closet
Blankets and boxes of clothes he's outgrown that we're saving for nephews as well as baby girl clothes.

Up top: Boxes of Big boy sizes kindly handed down from a neighbor and left over diapers from Sweet Pea, that incidentally, we just took down this weekend to use on Little Man, after taking these pictures.

Sweet Pea's closet really spills over into the room. Unpacked suitcases, boxes of clothes (Halloween costume) she's outgrowing to save for friends and niece; wedding veil and slip in her closet?! our suitcases are stored in there as well; her toy bike; mounds of shoes; old curtains; empty shoe boxes, because they are so cute and *might* be used for something one day.

4 tips left at the bar:

Megan said...

I could have done picture of my closet too, now that I think about it! (I would have loved to see a picture of Hubby's closet, just for comparison!)

Um, a veil in SP closet? How did that happen?

I think Karen was right, we are making each other feel normal with these pictures. Either that or everyone who frequents a bar is also a slob. Whichever.

penelope said...

Oh dear--impressive. However, all of our closets look just the same. And I'm not sure whether to feel better about that, or...

It's true, we might just all be "closet" slobs!

mendacious said...

oh dear.
cleanse yourself.
mess. : )

i am inspired and must remember to take photos of my own disaster and encourage myself to do the same.

Andria said...

Megan - Where do you keep your veil? Maybe I'll indulge you with one of Hubby's, but his is not a walk-in, so there is clearly less room to clutter. ;)

Pen - hee. good point and thanks for the reassurance. It does make me feel slightly better.

Men - sadly, I do tend to go through and pick up and put up on the weekends, but throughout the week, it builds back up. I'm sure what I need to do is a through, proper cleansing of the superfluous stuff. But, going through so many clothing sizes during 2 pregnancies in the past 3 years, I tend to hold out hope I'll need some of them again one day. And I don't pack away seasons. At least these are the things I am telling myself.