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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Behind Closed Doors: Dirty Little Secrets

This week, be prepared to be shocked as each barmaid reveals her dirtiest, most embarrassing . . . mess in her house! Piles of clothes, overstuffed closets, terrifying laundry rooms or disastrous under bed footage - it all will be revealed! Those places we just couldn't be bothered with cleaning because we needed to get to the bar for Happy Hour. The rooms we shove things into and close off when guests come over or that we would never let our mothers see! You will see it all.

Some of your barmaids really have it together and live a neat, orderly life; but even they have at least one area that seems to defeat them. While the rest of us will have a tough time deciding on which pile to publicize we have so many options to choose from. Maybe seeing other's disaster areas, will help us all feel better about our own. And we'll all need a few drinks to recover I'm sure.

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