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Sunday, August 17, 2008

How We Hate To Lose

It would appear, by taking a peek over at Rockapoodle, that we did not win the martini naming contest. I was shocked and in disbelief too.

The winning name is Pearadise, which to be pearfectly honest, we would have used if we had thought of it. Since we didn't, I have no choice but to begrudge the winner and wonder just what is wrong with Molly that made her not see the beauty that was all of our entries?

To help work it all out, I made a list:

Molly is a foreigner, so maybe she doesn't quite understand the subtleties of our language here in the United States? (Except that she's English so maybe we are the ones who don't understand the subtleties of her language, the one that we stole and butchered.)

Perhaps she didn't learn about Van Gogh and the fact that he cut off his ear in her foreign school? (Damn, France is a helluva lot closer to England than the States.)

Does Miss Molls not have a sense of humor? (Hell yes, she does...)

Ok, so maybe she speaks English and has probably seen multiple Van Gogh's and has a sense of humor, BUT DOES SHE HAVE A DIRTY MIND??? Um, yes. Shit.

So I really have no idea why Martini Molly didn't immediately fall in love with our nominations. Is it because I cheated? Or because she knows I've never had a martini?

3 tips left at the bar:

penelope said...

We may never know the answer. But I am sad.

BOTB said...

Wait a minute ... did you just say you've never had a martini? Please tell me that's a joke. Pure blasphemy :P

Anonymous said...

It is not a joke, she has never had a martini, which is a punishable offence in my book!

I am so sorry you didn't win but you can blame Bunny because she picked the winner, not me, and she had no idea who suggested what, I just gave her the names entered.

Would it help if I said I find you witty and amusing and your martini names did not go over my head (we do actually go to school in England, believe it or not!). I promise I will hold another martini contest and I really hope you win that one.

Now go and wish Anissa congratulations and be the best sore loser you can be!!!