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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

confessions of a laundry piler

I've come out of my wine-induced haze enough to realize that I am late in posting this week! Here's my dirty little secret:

I am really awesome at doing laundry. Sorting, washing, drying, folding...I give our clothes the greatest of care. I even fold Chris' shirts that way his mama did (gag, I know).

But putting them away? Well, that's another story.

Our clothes are EVERYWHERE! In laundry baskets, on top of the dryer, on top of my bureau. Our guest room has become a "staging area" for clean and dirty clothes (though, thankfully, not at the same time.)

And, really, I can't even blame my husband. When we entered into that lovely state of holy matrimony, the very first compromise we made was this: Chris would do the dishes, and I would do the laundry. (This is simply because I loathe doing dishes, and he feels the same about washing clothes.) But, unlike me, Chris actually completes his task: he puts the dishes away every night. (Damn overacheiver.)

I could blame the fact that our house has very little storage area...but we all know that's BS. I'm just too darn lazy to go through the drawers, give away old clothes, etc, and re-organize. I always feel like I have better things to do - cooking dinner, working at night, spending quality time with the hubby.

And drinking wine.

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penelope said...

I hate putting away the laundry! What in the world is so painful about opening up those drawers after folding, I don't know. But at the time, it seems so monumental.

Andria said...

Fabulous! I have the same issue! I really like to do laundry, because I love the smell of clean clothes. I wash, dry and fold, but I have issues putting them up. Hubby does put his clothes up for me, so that clears out some of the backlog, but the kids clothes just added to the mix and stay piled up on top of the dryer for weeks on end. And the sorting piles I have of dirtry clothes! I mean, I have 3 hampers for: whites, dark colors and light colors. THEN, I usually have a pile of pants to wash separately together and jeans and towels or any bedding. And the laundry basket is used for socks that I don't match until it's almost overflowing.

Molly said...

It seems we all have this issue! I have a laundry basket in my living room that I have filled, folded, filled again, refolded, filled again and it needs refolding now. Can't seem to get around to putting the feckin' thing away!

niki said...

What have you done to my bed?! Clearly I need to come visit and rectify that situation ; )