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Monday, May 12, 2008

Is it hot in here?

Weekly Special: Who are my top five 'freebie' hook ups?

Since I'm the first one to charge out of the gate each week with the WS, I usually have some apprehension about the tone or format of my posts. Sometimes I lament having to be the one that jumps in blindly, not knowing what the other girls have in mind and if I'm in line with them.

Not so much this week.

Here's my list. You can consider them stamped with a big M. Take seconds, girls, if you feel you must (I'm betting that you don't, given our wide variety of tastes!).

Rhett Butler - If I were to have RB at my disposal, then I could pretend that I was Scarlett, which would make me very, very happy. What also would make me happy would be for him to tell me "You need to be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how." Excuse me while I swoon.

Daniel Radcliffe- Um, yeah, I'm going to say it. I'm horribly embarrassed and feeling quite like a pedophile when I admit it's Harry I'm after, not Daniel. But Daniel is of age, so there you go. I would only be able to refer to him as Harry, however, and the glasses would be a critical element. (Butt wait! Have y'all seen this? This is no HP, butt I wouldn't mind!)

'The Rock' Dwayne Johnson- There's no character I'm after here, just a mighty fine face on a mighty fine body. Mighty. Fine. Plus, I've read that he's a pretty nice guy, to boot. But did I mention that he is smokin HOT? I don't even need to see the cocked eyebrow bit... I smell what The Rock is cookin'. And how.

Mmm... George Strait- Ol' Jorge has been on my list as long as I can remember. Wranglers? Check. Rides a horse? Check. Sings? Check. Good looking? Check. Old enough to be my dad? Check. Check. And I really don't give a damn. All I need to hear is the fiddle fire up at the beginning of Amarillo By Morning and I'm done. I'll be headed strait home with George.

And number 5? I don't know! Can I wait? Can I see who the other girls choose and maybe take seconds on theirs? Is this possible? Or do I have to go double on The Rock? Decisions, decisions...

Now comes the time for you, the reader, to tell us who is on your list. Maybe I will choose seconds on one of yours? Somebody better produce something or I'm going to be standing out here, all cold and alone and there's no telling what I might do! (Unless The Rock happens by, and then we all know what I might *will* do!)

8 tips left at the bar:

penelope said...

You've got a fine mix of men here, from acting, to music, to literature, to... wrestling? I suppose I'll let that one slide. I'm right on the same pedophile bandwagon with wanting Mr. Radcliffe. Mmm...

You owe us a fifth! No pleading the fifth! Hee.

Andi said...

What a great list! Interesting and revealing, but nothing to be apprehensive about!

You are definitely covering your bases for any situation you might find yourself in where you get propositioned by one of these fine specimens!!

I am sad you couldn't come up with 5, especially in the face of your hubby's comment/challenge of how guys would easily be able to come up with a long list! But, I'll let it slide. .I know the pressure of going first.

Jason Lewis Lover said...

Okay, only 2 men come to mind right now. Ther first is Jason Lewis, who played Samantha's young love in "Sex and the City". Click on my user name to see his Absolut Vodka ad... Damn, I wish I could drink vodka right now! With him! Straight out of the bottle!

2nd is Christian Bale, who plays Batman. He's hot. I saw "Batman" a few times, bought the DVD... all for the "push-up scene." Wow!

Karen said...

Whoops! Forgot to sign me: Karen aka Jason Lewis, Here I come!

Megan said...

Karen- WOW. That's all I can say, is WOW. Drinking straight out of the bottle... tsk tsk... isn't that how you ended up in your preggo state to begin with? :)

ashley said...

I can't believe you went for Danny Radcliffe! You scandalous woman, you! (Although...ahem...I concur.)

While Rhett Butler and George Strait were expected, I have to say...The Rock? I didn't even see it coming.

tempe said...

I love the list - some totally unexpected choices - very cool!

niki said...

While I cannot understand the attraction to the Rock, that picture of George Straight makes me want to jump on that bandwagon ASAP.

Oh, and I'm totally going to see nekkid Daniel Radcliffe in NYC when he does Equus later this year (I think?). Better than a chocolate frog.