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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cold Glass, Blue Moon

On New Year’s Eve 2009 (tonight!), there will be a so-called blue moon. It won’t be blue. And really, the definition of “blue moon” evolved from an error. But, it is a full moon. On a night of worldwide partying. Do you believe in the power of full moons? I always kind of have; aren’t people just a little wackier? Children act more wired and sleep less. I for one had a bizarre series of strange/bad dreams last night. I’ve heard that more car accidents occur on the night of a full moon. Among other oddities.

I offer these thoughts not as forewarning, but more as contemplation or speculation. Wonder if the ringing in of a new year and a new decade will have a little more… flavor than usual. Perhaps we’ll discuss in the morning. In the meantime, everyone have lots of fun and be safe tonight! Cheers!

5 tips left at the bar:

Bj in Dallas said...

I've heard crime goes up because the bad guys can see better.


Cakelet said...

It was a beautiful moon. I suppose it's always a beautiful moon. Sometimes, you just notice it more. I noticed that one. I walked across the front yard, over the fresh 3" of snow in my slippers to look at it. Glad I did.

limo hire said...

Happy blue moon year.....2010.

M said...

I was too drunk in my house to look outside to see if the moon was blue!

limousine hire said...

Lovely one moon..