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Monday, December 28, 2009


Just a few things that make me Happy.

The world's largest Whitman's "Sampler" - it was only 1 layer and we had the audacity to be miffed by the "lack" of chocolate.

Glorious sunsets at the lake. It's hard to truly capture how the sky is on fire, but it's still pretty.

my full Christmas card tree!
my son's new bookshelf. Mostly because it gave me the semblance of order in one tiny corner of the house. If only you could see what's off camera. yowza!! suitcase and closet explosion!

And my kids happily and harmoniously playing with new toys (having room to play and place to put them up!)

Hope everyone rings in the New Year with lots of happiness. We'd love to hear about the little things that make you happy this time of year in the comments.

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pen said...

Lovely! I think I'll do a happiness post of my own... :)

mendacious said...

yes, lovely allround. i like the card tree! and the sunset. yum!

niki said...

Love the pictures!

Things that make me happy...
* Annual post-Christmas shopping with little sister
* Champagne
* New Year's Eve!
* My dog running through the woods, jumping across the creek, over trees, and just being a dog on my parents' land

pen said...

On second thought, I'll just add them here:

*Lovely holiday spent w/ family. Good food, gifts and company all around.
*Old Navy gift certificate for $50, which I used to buy jeans, yoga pants, pj pants and sports bra. Magically totaled $49.92.
*Actual party to attend w/ lots of people I like on New Year's Eve. Food included, as is potluck. Note that we haven't done anything special for NYE in like, 3 yrs.
*Children to be dropped off on NYE afternoon, not picked up until NY morning.
*New blogging job for 2010!