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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let’s go to the Movies

My most recent trip to the theater was to see the Toy Story double feature in 3D with my kids - my son’s first-ever time at the movies. It was only in theaters for 2 weeks* and was a [mostly] great experience, even if Little Man came away with some injuries thanks to folding seats and darkness.

Prior to this outing, I went to the theater back in July to see Up in 3D with my daughter for her first-ever theater going experience.

The time before that. . was February of 2007, I believe, when I went with my former co-worker and boss during the day to see Music & Lyrics with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. I remember this experience as the first time I realized I might be pregnant again, because I got VERY dizzy riding in the back of my boss’ truck and had to lay down across the seats. Yeah, don’t really remember too much about the movie itself, if that tells you anything about it, sadly.

I also remember going to see X-men with my co-worker and boss one time a couple of years ago and before that was Spider-man (the original) on my honeymoon 7+ years ago in Asheville, NC!

Clearly, I don’t go to the theater much anymore and given the ticket prices ($10 MATINEE?) it’s understandable! There are movies I would like to see on the big screen, though. Like Harry Potter. I sadly don’t have any girlfriends nearby to catch it with. I’d LOVE to also go see New Moon coming out soon. But, I need to see the first movie first. I’m excited about Toy Story 3 coming out (*the reason I am sure they are building up interest again) I wish they’d do another Monsters, Inc. It’s a cute movie and clearly leaves it open for a sequel. I’m sure it’s silly, and probably more of a rental (although those prices are pretty steep these days, too, no?) but I’d like to see The Proposal. I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I like Sandra Bullock and think it would be a light, cotton candy type of movie. I can handle those types every now and then, if I know what I’m going to get. I’m sure there are others that if I looked into, I would want to see, but since I’m most likely not going to fork over the money or take the time with my already backlogged DVR roll and online watching, I don’t look into it further. I do love movies, just don’t have much time for them anymore.

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sheilasmithdallas said...

Saw The Proposal on the plane recently. It's totally predictable, but also totally adorable. Sandra is great, Ryan Reynolds is a little hottie, & Betty White is hysterical. Popcorn Flick, definitely. But worth a rental.