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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I need your feedback: Who's With Me?

Halloween is coming, and in that spirit I want to get your thoughts on a very serious subject:

The safety of little children dressed as ghosts running through the streets? No.

The will power required to not scarf down a whole bowl of Halloween candy? Important, but not this time.

The intricacies of hand-making a delicate angel costume to showcase your pure qualities? Um, that'd be a NO.

What I need to hear from you about is the tendency for women to take Halloween as a carte blanche to wear costumes that are a tad bit more, let's say, revealing, than their normal attire. I mean, what kind of closet hooker participates in this activity?!

I know y'all know what I'm talking about, and I would really like to hear your thoughts on these trashy women.

Women like this one who isn't the thinnest girl in the world but apparently decided that she needed to be Strawberry Shortcake at a Halloween party one year. And that she needed to wear shoes that had absolutely no bearing on the outfit, she just wanted to wear heels. And look like stripper. And she may or may not be drunk in this photo, as she is being held up by her Pope husband. Who is holding her SS hat in his hand (so you can imagine how damn cute she was earlier in the evening).



(This was a few year and a few pounds ago. I will not be wearing this getup this year. But I still may be a closet hooker. Maybe.)

10 tips left at the bar:

pen said...

Yes! A most excellent topic, one that comes up every year. I sort of love this outfit. I mean, if you're going to go scanty, Strawberry Shortcake is the way to go. Adorable! Although I don't remember my SS dolls having copious amounts of cleavage.

The best example of Halloween trashiness occurred at an office party years ago. Think Cat Woman, French Maids, etc. Togas! I mean, the next day, after being so scantily clad, it's practically a walk of shame, going to work.

That being said, I've been putting together my Mad Hatter costume for Friday, and my husband commented, "Oh, I see you're wearing the Eff Me boots." Soo... yeah. Perhaps I too fall into this category. Although my dress is a reasonable length. I think.

Ruby said...

The Walk of Shame - Absolutely!

Oooh, Eff Me boots! If you are wearing EMB (and think that your dress is a reasonable length), then it clearly needs to be shorter. You'd better git to cuttin' on that thing!

Bj in Dallas said...

1. Depends on who it it , ie, do we like her normally?
2. Yes, then its cute and she can show all the clevage and/or leg she wants to. She can get drunk and flash everyone like Brittany, I don't care.
3. No, then she's a whore. And she is now fair game to be discussed by others in the bathroom about how she looks better like a hooker than she does in real life.

ps. LOVE the SS and Pope. Whats the costume du jour this year?

Andria said...

OMG! I can NOT believe you actually posted that picture of yourself, drunk Rubes! I totally didn't recognize ya'll at first, but can I say I just LOVE that the Pope wears blue jeans and cowboy boots under his robe!!!!!!
And, damn, your legs are hot! Legs and cleavage! work it, girl.
Ooh, Pen, definitely want to see the EMBs!!
Ya'll are way more exciting than me. . I was just considering finding some cat ear headband and a tail and wearing black. yawn. But, also, I don't have fun adult parties to attend, just the neighborhood hot dog pre-trick-or-treating and answering the door, so, probably shouldn't scar all the little kids with extra sluttiness, right?

Ruby said...

Bj, I think that you have nailed it! It definitely depends on whether we like the girl or not. I would totally go talk about her in the bathroom with you! I don't have a costume this year - no adult parties to attend!

Andria, Thanks! It was an act of Congress just to get the Pope to dress up at all so I didn't argue with the jeans and boots! This is the only costume party that I have gone to in recent memory so don't feel too bad. You'll be doing better than me this year - I don't do anything for taking the kids around trick or treating! (And since we live in the boonies, we won't have TOTers.) I bet some of the dads taking their kids around to your house would appreciate you slutting it up! :)

Cakelet said...

I say trashy women rule! And I think Halloween should be at least once a month.

GA Fan said...

Megs! You look like the love child of SS and Pippi Longstocking! Well, if that sort of thing was possible...

almost anonymous said...

Cool shoes!

Bj in Dallas said...

Possibly going to an adult party Friday night (no idea on the costume yet) and then my GF and I always dress up to take the kids trick or treating. Im trying to find those fake/plastic things that look like cinnamon rolls, so I can make headbands and we are Princess Laia (sp).
Oh, and we pull a wagon and take an ice chest. Cause we are great moms!!

Sheila said...

i have a pregnant nun costume, if you can get your hubby to be the pope again. i know it's all kinds wrong, but it is truly one of the easiest (no pun intended) costumes.

BJ, let me know if you want to borrow!!