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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Deposit Two Cents Here

It’s Poll Week here at the bar! We ask that you stop by and weigh in on extremely important issues. Such as:

Serena or Blair?*

Doesn’t matter if you watched the Emmys, or whether or not you still watch Gossip Girl. What is the verdict here on these dresses worn by Blake Lively and Leighton Meester? Want to know what I think? I’ll never tell… Ha ha. Now let’s get down to business.



*Yeah, it’s a poll ripped from about a million other websites, but why shouldn’t Smartini play, too?

8 tips left at the bar:

Andria said...

Sorry to get here so late! Great question. . .I have to say I kind of love the red. And the daring boldness it took to wear it! I do really like the top of the white, but that bottom seems frumpy to me - don't like how the layers hang. Otherwise, she would have looked very Greek goddess and I probably would prefer it.

Ruby said...

Aack! I can't see the pics of them, but from what I remember, I wasn't too impressed with either one. Ok, I was impressed with the boobage with the red, but that kind of thing makes this girl nervous!

almost anonymous said...

The white one just had issues. The red, I could have liked, but you have to pick...legs or boobs. Not both. Too much skin makes it look trashy. (And too much to keep track of so as not to flash anyone!)

Bj in Dallas said...

i think there was double sided tape involved in both

neither did anything for me

Bj in Dallas said...

oh but the red one is Boomer Soonerish

pen said...

I've changed my vote after a few days' time. Originally, I was okay with Leighton's dress in comparison to Blake's... but it's really got no shape. And Blake. Both these ladies are hot, but I have issues with the cut-down-to-the-navel dresses. I agree with aa: legs or boobs. Pick one, not both.

niki said...

Leighton's dress is nice in theory, like Andria said, but frumpy in execution. Pen, you're right - no shape whatsoever.

Blake, on the other hand, looks like a hooker. And her hair is in a ponytail braid which I HATE.

The deciding factor for me? In other pictures Blake was smiling, Leighton looked like she was miserable. Serena for the win, though just barely.

*Also, Blake's dress has back parts missing, too! Essentially is just enough fabric to cover boobs, crotch, ass. Classy. But interesting at least?

pen said...

I agree that I totally hate Serena's hair! But, she IS smiling, good point.