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Monday, August 31, 2009

Picking Teams

So I've been re-watching Sex and the City and midway through Season 4, I'm still Team Aidan. In fact, I am so staunchly Team Aidan, that I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone is Team Big. Well, let me clarify. I'm Team Anti-Big, and Aidan is so damn hot in Season 4, and he's waaaaaay more my type than Big, ergo I heart him above all others. I digress. This got me thinking. Most girls are Team Big. What the hell am I missing? What is wrong with me?

So today's post is about choosing sides, or rather, choosing boys. We've all been there - two guys fighting for our undying love and devotion.  Countless nights making pro/con lists and comparing them. Who gets the rose? It's important to make the right choice. Rather than air our dirty laundry (although by all means go ahead if you want!),  I've selected a few well-known boy battles in pop culture. Tell me your pick and why. **NOTE: I'll be as vague as possible, but beware spoilers if you're being super protective of that kind of thing.**

1. Big v. Aidan, Sex and the City - Where to begin? Obvs, I'm Team Aidan as mentioned two paragraphs ago. Big is an ass to Carrie, and don't give me the "Paris forgives everything" crap. Personally, I don't think Big is hot; Aidan is sexy as hell, especially the Season 4 version. He treats Carrie well and is nice to her friends. HELLO - going to check on Miranda when she called about her back and being ever-so-gentlemanly that he covers her up when she's lying naked on the floor. Would Big do this? Doubt it. I get that maybe his and Carrie's personalities don't mesh, as is evidenced by the country house, so I'm willing to admit that maybe Aidan isn't necessarily the perfect match for Carrie. Nevertheless, he's better than Big for her, and he and I would be two peas in a pod. Aidan, call me.

2. Edward v. Jacob, the Twilight saga - Apparently there are other Team Jacob-ers that exist, but I've yet to meet one in person. We are a rare breed. It is difficult to argue, based on the text, that Bella & Jacob "belong" together more than Bella & Edward. However. B/E get on my damn nerves. They don't do anything together except act in love, stare all googley-eyed at one another, and profess undying devotion. BLAH. B/J have fun. They do crazy stuff and laugh and talk about things. Oh, and Jacob didn't leave Bella alone in the woods suicidally depressed. Hmmm. Which relationship would I rather be in? No contest - let's go ride motorcycles! Also, to be with Jacob forever and ever I wouldn't have to become a vampire. Bonus.

3. Noel v. Ben, Felicity - Ben. Ben. Ben. A million times. Ben. Noel is too needy and doesn't have enough edge. Also, Ben is H-O-T.

4. Brandon v. Dylan, Beverly Hills 90210 - Ok, I kind of quit watching by the time this became a real issue for Kelly Taylor, but even at the beginning of the show there was a definite divide between girls that preferred Dylan to girls that preferred Brandon. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out I'd pick the bad boy, Dylan. So brooding. So James Dean. So surfer-y. Again, Brandon was a little too goody-goody for me, although way cooler than the real bad boy, Steve.

5. McSteamy v. McDreamy, Grey's Anatomy - Yes, I know no one has to choose between them, but come on. Who'd you rather? Whose t-shirt would you wear?  I think I'm going against type here and picking McDreamy. Yeah, McSteamy is the bad boy and in real life I'd probably go for him, mainly because the real-life McDreamy would be all obsessed about some other chick, but McDreamy is a rebel in his own way. And the hair. Oohh, the hair.

6. Ashley v. Rhett, Gone with the Wind - This one is for Ruby because I'm pretty sure she hasn't seen the other 5. Wait. Did she read Twilight?? Anyway. Team Rhett. Duh. Does Team Ashley even exist?

Ok, ladies. Who'd you pick, and who'd I miss?

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penelope said...

Eeeee! I'm insanely excited by this post. :)

I am: Team Big, Team Edward, TEAM BEN, Team Dylan, Team McDreamy (I've had dreams, and they were good dreams), Team... mmm, will I get shot at the bar if I admit I don't really care about GWTW?

Bottom line, it is all about the za-za-zou. My reasons for being Not Team Aidan are the very same reasons you listed for being Not Team Noel. They're pretty similar, those two, really! Friend material. Jacob, too--he's a brother! I can't wrap my head around it.

Cannot wait to see how this debate unfolds.

Ruby said...

I agree with Pen: this is an excellent post (and a nice little research topic as well!).

1. Team Big- I will grant that he isn't as cute as Aidan, but he's just so... MANLY. Yeah, Aidan builds stuff and lives in the woods, whatevs, but Big's got balls.

2. Team Edward- To be perfectly honest, book 2 pissed me off the way it was all about Jacob... I'm hard core Edward! (Maybe Bella and Edward wouldn't bother you so much if SM was a better writer? Just throwing that out there... Because it's true!)

3. Don't know.

4. Don't know.

5. Team McSteamy- JUST LOOK AT HIM!

6. Team Rhett- Thanks for throwing this in there for me, Nik! I would love to cheer for Ashley, but like Big, Rhett has balls.

I wonder, how do the choices we make in these scenarios match up to the choices that we made/make in our own lives?!

(Pen, you won't get kicked out of the bar for not caring about GWTW. We all understand that everyone can't be as fortunate as us to be born in the South (where GWTW is holy)!)

mendacious said...

ok heres my sense:

1. totally on team aiden. he is so hot in s4, however he isn't a good match for sjp so on her behalf i am on teambig though it baffles me still the road the character turns down as she turns down TA. And I warmed up to ChrisNOth on his L&O stint as a cop. He is a different kind of hot. But still hot. Aiden has a long history of being hot- from that northern exp show- wasn't he on that?

2. Clearly EDWARD. When you read the first book (not the movie) Jacob isn't even in the books radar. And certainly not hot. And based on what people tells me happens in book 4 i'm a little creeped out by jacob... the whole thing is a wash. Plus Cedric is a fav character so it sways me toward that actor of all time. How can there even be a contest?

3. how can you guys be 4 ben? clearly NOEL is superior and much more hot- did you see how awesome he was on Scrubs? I'm just saying he aged well and i was right to be pulling for him all along. Possibly F deserves B as he sucks and is a weak and morally vascillating character but still. NOEL.

4. Dylan, clearly. So troubled, so endearing. And I understand Ben fits into this cadre of troubled hotness and yet Dylan seems so much less of a crybaby... and there was his porsche and his troubled past...

5. Who?!

6. I do love Joseph Cotton. In the context of the movie I will say Rhett but JC ends up being hot in a lot of other movies- like gaslight though i had a hard time steering myself away from the very alluring Charles Boyer.

penelope said...

Has anyone ever seen "Serendipity?" Kate Beckinsdale, John Cusack... And Aidan as a trippy, hippy-dippy, self-absorbed rocker dude. His music performances are beyond fabulous.

Andria said...

damn, I thought I was with it this time, but I can only comment on half of these!
1. Don't know
2. Team Edward - I haven't read the final book yet, but I am so Edward, even though you make some interesting points, Nik. Pen and I have had discussions about your surprising Team Jacob stance because you are the brooding "bad boy" type. I mean, I guess werewolf is still bad boy and all, but you seem to appreciate gentlemen and consideration as well, which are interesting traits for a bad boy to have. But, you are also the "love the one you're with" type and I could see how the over-protectiveness could be stifling to you. Also, the lying for your own benefit is just damned annoying. Not that fragile - honesty is the way to go! See, deep discussions here!

3. Can't say

4. Gotta go with Dylan. Just too damn sexy and alluring. I like Brandon and all, but it's just not the same feeling (and again I equate Dylan with Edward and Brandon with Jacob, brotherly, not the same exiting soul connection)

5. Um, don't know.

Guess I've got some shows and movies to catch up on, eh?

Andria said...

oops, got mixed up.

5. This is a tough one for me. I may actually have to go with McSteamy? I don't really go for the run around guy, but he turns out to be pretty decent and there's something wishy-washy annoying about McDreamy, even though he's not a bad runner up to have to "settle" for.

6. can't say

Tempe said...

First and foremost, I apologize for my absence last week! I was boozin' it on the beach with Chris in SC - but there will be a post later about this...namely the first part of the trip, which involved parents (and in particular, my MIL).

So, on to my answers:

1. Team Big. All the way. Yeah, he's a jerk and all, but he's...well, hot. Big is more my type than Aidan - I like his take charge attitude, his old hollywood good looks.

2. I am apparently the only one on this blog that has not read or seen Twilight. I'm on it!

3. I also never watched Felicity. I know, I am loser.

4. Team Dylan. Brandon's a big ol' dork. And not in the hot Seth Cohen way.

5. I can't chooose. I'll take both, thankyouverymuch. Okay, fine, if I HAD to choose - McDreamy. Defintely has something to do with the hair.

6. Lastely - team Rhett, of course. One of Hollywood's original bad boys.