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Monday, August 10, 2009

Dirty Girl: Ruby

If I absolutely have to fess up to this kind of thing, which is not something that I like to do, then under complete duress I will admit that I'm a dirty, dirty girl. For reals. (Hasn't Andria forced me to confess other dirty secrets before? She might be a bit sadistic, I think.)

Sooooo.... My cleaning habits? Right.

Here's the long (ok, pretty much the short) of how often I undertake these particular chores:

vacuum - typically once a week, but not every room in the house - unused or barely used rooms get vacuumed less, we'll just say

clean toilets - Ideally, once a week. Actually, once every two weeks or as they are deemed too disgusting

clean bathtubs - not until I totally make myself sick with the heinous state of nasty

clean sinks - um, I don't know!

clean mirrors - every couple of weeks

clean out the microwave - when it's too gross to continue using or something blows up in it

clean the oven/stovetop - when I make a mess cooking

clean the counters - yea, something I do regularly! almost every day

clean windows - never

mop floors - when it happens, it's with a Swiffer - I'd love to say once a week but that would be a lie

change the sheets on the bed - I did this yesterday - before that? who knows

change out towels - yea, another thing I do regularly! Our bathroom has terrible air flow and towels get musty fast - every couple of days, I think

dust - never to the never-th degree. I absolutely HATE dusting!


load/unload dishwasher - every other day


pick up random shit that gets strewn around the house - constantly

pick up mail and my shit that is all over the counters - the day after tomorrow (read: never)

I feel as though I should be clear on something within this nasty admission of my slovenly ways: If I know that someone is coming over, I will clean the house top to bottom. Maybe I need to have people come over more often? Like every day? This post reminds me of a show that I discovered on BBC America called How Clean Is Your House? It's awesome, and makes me feel better about myself because at least I'm not as bad as THEY are!
It's all about the enabling, y'all, all about enabling.

2 tips left at the bar:

Bj in Dallas said...

I think we are on the EXACT same cleaning schedule...NONE!!
I knew you wouldn't let me down, I think dusting is very overrated.

penelope said...

Wow, I swear my list reads exactly the same, down to counters every day, but everything else... as needed.

Wait, what kind of laundry don't you ever stop doing? ;)