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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Southern girl goes north. And lives to tell about it. So far.

In case you haven't noticed my absence from the bar (haven't the other girls been so great?!), or even if you haven't, I'm here to tell you that I am in Rhode Island. At a conference. And I might be a little drunk.

The northeast has never seen the likes of me, I'm afraid, and collectively they may be a little bit afraid... But I'm having a good time laying on the southern accent to see what I kind of trouble I can work my way into!

Tonight we headed out to a fancy schmancy (that's the technical term, just so you know) place that may possibly be the nicest place I've been in, oh, say, YEARS. I had to hit the ladies room, and in it I found this gem that I couldn't resist taking of picture of for the sole purpose of posting here:

Holy cow, y'all! I totally stole this from the bathroom so that I could take a picture of it! Do you love it?!

(For you Twilight peeps, I FINALLY have been bitten! I brought the book with me for the plane ride and have already finished it. I may or may not have skipped some conference sessions to go read. But don't tell anyone. LOVE IT! I'm absolutely kicking myself for not bringing the second book with me. And clearly think that I'm in love with a vampire. Or want a vampire to be in love with me.)

4 tips left at the bar:

penelope said...

The Nap Sack is a hoot! A swanky tampon trash bag.

I can't picture you without an accent.

Most importantly: Team Jacob, or Team Edward? Maybe you need to read the second book first.

niki said...

So happy you're reading Twilight! Can't wait to hear your thoughts. As for the Nap Sack, I'm frankly a little surprise this did not originate in the South.

Karen said...

YAY! I'm in love with Edward too! TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY! I wasn't fond of the 2nd book, but it is a necessary evil, unfortunately.

Miss you, Megs! Wanna visit me and your namesake in Monterey?

Cakelet said...

Oh God. Twilight. Sigh. My
So-Called Book Club made me read Twilight. All I will say about Twilight is, alot of people I really like, and even respect and admire, liked Twilight. So... it must be me. I didn't hate it.. but... sigh... Edward kind of left me cold. (ha.) Maybe if there was more sex in it...
Also, I'd feel terrible putting a nasty old used tampon or pad in such a pretty little sack.