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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On Hiatus

Summer is my very favorite time of life, and honestly summer television is about the only drawback I have ever noticed. Since I only get about 4 channels, I have essentially given up even trying to find something on. At first I was reading, and that was fun until I ran out of books. Then I started watching Season 2 of The O.C. Oh Seth Cohen, where are you in my life?  Then I meant to Netflix Season 3 but instead ended up with Run Lola Run and 3-Iron, the latter of those two I have absolutely no recollection of putting in my dvd queue.

Of course I totally intended to send those bitches back ASAP and re-up my queue with Season 3 of The O.C., but then I went out of town, became suicidally depressed, went on a bender, and met a boy. Sooooooo. Still have those damn movies.

However, recently I've begun a Sex and the City binge. Watching Season 1 is hysterical. Not in an intentional way either. Now I'm two-thirds finished with Season 2 (borrowing from a friend, so no USPS delay), and I've nothing if not confirmed that MR. BIG SUCKS and Carrie should've ended up with Aidan. No, Aidan hasn't even appeared yet, but Big is such a giant asshole that almost anyone is better for Carrie than he is.


That's pretty much all I've been watching (except for Dateline twice, not the "To Catch a Predator" version, but the regular super-melodramatic-over-the-top murder journalism one). If I lived in a real city I'd be prepping for Half-Blood Prince at midnight tonight, but no such luck. Probably for the best, as I've got some wine that needs drinking and some SATC that needs watching.

3 tips left at the bar:

penelope said...

You can't go wrong with a S&TC marathon, ever. Although after watching it through several times, I have to give a big fat NO to Aidan. It did take a couple of times to say that though.

Boy? What?! Enquiring barmaids want to know!

penelope said...

Wait wait wait! Something just occurred to me after reading Ruby's post. Do you think that Team Aiden players are also Team Jacobs? And Team Edwards are necessarily Team Bigs? I feel like this question is worthy of further study. Perhaps a poll.

niki said...

Hmm. This is a very good question, Pen. We totally need to research this. I will just say that I've yet to meet another true Team Jacob-er (even though I know 1 person who prefers T.L. over R.P.), but I *think* I've met at least 1 Team Aidan-er. Still, we are a rare breed, that's for sure. Now I feel like I MUST know if there's crossover!