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Friday, June 12, 2009

Maybe I Might Be a Little Bit. . .

*anxious about our deck rebuild (can we make some decisions and get started already?!)
*ready for the beach at the end of the month
*in love with that possibly will allow me to watch the season finales we lost when our TiVo locked up over the weekend [devastation!]
*sad we have to say goodbye to the real TiVo and go with some DiVo alternative (DirecTV DVR)
*retyping a lot because of mistakes (fingers don't seem to be going where I think they should)
*craving soft cookie cake
*cursing non-existence of cookie cake in the pantry
*planning to make cinnamon muffins in the morning before heading down to the hospital to visit sister-in-law (26 and had heart surgery yesterday! Doing well, just in pain and long recovery ahead)
*neurotic about grammar and spelling (TGFSC - Thank God for Spell Check!), but super lax on piles and organization
*behind on emails and blog posts
*concerned what this will look like in the morning, but too far gone to really care. . .

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