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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In it to win it

vintage gymnast

I always thought I’d like to be a gymnast, if I could “play” professionally. The sport is just so damn beautiful, and I cannot tear my eyes away come the Summer Olympics. I mean, obviously it would be quite a commitment of time, money, and other resources. Lots of travel and leotards. The loss of my youth. I fully imagine my teacher would be inspiring but mean, like Bela K, and my self-esteem would suffer, as well as my ability to have a monthly period.

But, the payoff would be GOLD.

There is the *small* hurdle of my tripping over my own two feet while walking, and the fact that I never could learn how to do a cartwheel. Details, schmetails… and another life required.

4 tips left at the bar:

Ruby said...

Oh Pen, good choice! Good point about the period thing...

Please tell me that you would not fall into the gymnast cult and put a big scrunchie and tons of barrettes in your hair?! PLEASE?

Erin Mc said...

OMG you girls are too funny

Andria said...

I was seriously considering this choice as well (that's what I get for not coming into work in a timely manner). I always wish I'd stuck with it longer, because, apparently I never outgrew it (height-wise) and could have had a long career. You know, if I learned to do flips and twists and back handsprings. on a balance beam. eek!

penelope said...

I heart scrunchies, for reals! (Not.) Andi, I think I'm going to demand a 4th-of-July show, complete with sparklers.