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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I’ll admit I…

  • Am like, a completely different person when I have PMS. Part cranky, all moody, and more than slightly neurotic. Occasionally suffer from paranoid delusions. It’s terrible, and I hate it! Wish to take vacation from self during this *special* time.
  • Don’t wear makeup. Used to do up my eyes at least, on occasion, but then I ran out of mascara, and so gave up. Haven’t thought about it since.
  • Have never had a pedicure due to secret, non-PMS-related paranoia that my toes are ugly and will be talked about after I leave the spa. (Really want one, though.)
  • Miss having my brows done once a month. Haven’t had them done in over 3 years. They used to look cool...
  • Might have a new addiction: yoga.
  • Cancelled my Twitter account yesterday. Again. 
  • Always look ahead to the last few pages of a book to see how it will all turn out.
  • May spend more time browsing Netflix, picking out movies to rent, than watching actual movies.
  • Actively seek out Grey’s Anatomy spoilers for next season.
  • Really wish I could have some peace and quiet between 2 and 4 PM! Shhh! Please. I don’t want to answer the questions and tend to the needs of those under 3 1/2 feet.
  • Used to be in marching band! Flute player, flag twirler.
  • Priced out tickets for NKOTB’s current tour. (Too expensive, but really wanted to see Joey live and in person again.)
  • Have thought to self more than once while cleaning up potty accidents: Where’s the phone book? Am calling to schedule vasectomy.

4 tips left at the bar:

niki said...

Ok, what is with the Grey's spoiler-seeking and the reading of the last few pages of a book? How can you do that?! The rest of it I can get behind and empathize with(even unfounded pedi paranoia). But the active spoiling of the ending?? I never knew people actually enjoyed that. For me that is like, the killjoy of all killjoys to movies, books, tvshows, etc. Weirdo. :)

I'm going to overlook this character flaw and still love you, however, because now I'm not the only yoga nerd at the bar. Next retreat you'll totally be in the kitchen with me!

almost anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who sometimes sneaks a peek at the end of the book.

I did it with the last Harry Potter:
1. The post office didn't leave my copy at the door like they were supposed to and I wasn't going to wait until Monday. (I suppose I could have bought it somewhere and returned it, but that felt like cheating.)
2. I didn't want to be reading the whole book wondering who died, didn't die, whatever. I wanted to enjoy it :)

penelope said...

Thank you, aa! I totally did the same with HP. It's like, I have a low threshold for tension. Much lower than my threshold for pain, I think. :) If I sneak a peak at the end (and I always sneak it in, when I think no one is looking), I can relax and enjoy the rest of the ride, with a reasonable amount of tension left in the story. I have to burst that bubble of not-knowing so I have the strength to continue.

I will totally be in the kitchen with you, niki! Yoga is so great it's insane. I've done it here and there for years, but it's like it's finally *clicked.* I get it, now.

Andria said...

I am with Niki on this one. . I don't get spoiling the ending. .why even bother reading/watching it, then? You claim you want to "enjoy" it, but part of the appeal to me is the involvement/investment in and development of the story. I can't fathom this desire. . other than, yes, the tension factor, but still. . I used to judge movies on how they affected me (made me cry) : the more the better. I like to be affected or moved or emotionally charged. I do not like people that tell me the end of a movie I haven't seen, etc. I don't get it. But, I, too, still love you, I'm just saying. . strange!