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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I don't sweat, I glisten!

I typically don't sweat profusely, but since I have taken up running and especially now that it's getting hotter outside, man! ick. And I feel like I keep sweating. .even after I shower. But, it's still nothing compared to my kickboxing instructor that is just drenched and dripping after class with just the outline of her thong the only dry patch of her clothing. No, seriously, it's bad. Like she peed herself, but I've gotten used to it now. And it's because she works so hard and is so tiny and probably consumes a gazillion gallons of water. Anyhoo. .

One of the first places I start to sweat is the small of my back. I find this odd, so I wanted to know if there were others out there. Then, my hairline! Forehead and back of neck right at hairline - not dripping, but moist. Then, sometimes along the side of my nose, like under my eyes. And the fold of my arm (opposite elbow) especially when running with bent arms. I guess there is underarm sweatage, too, but it's not too extreme or a main concern. Oh and there's definitely the underboob puddle.

As for things that make me sweat. .whew, that's a long list!
*Bathing suit (or any clothes really) shopping, which I undertook today with my 19 month old in tow!
*Public speaking or presentations
*Confrontations (although, I'm much better at arguing now, it still makes me nervous and gets me flustered)
*Bathtime with the kids. It's hard work, ya'll! I know not to take my shower first, that's for sure because I'll just need another one!
*The health and safety of my family and friends.
*Good Laundry!
*Tight, enclosed spaces, especially with other people (packed concerts, tiny spiral never-ending staircases, coffins, you know)
*Embarassing myself with misspellings or grammatical errors. I'm a stickler, but I get mixed up easily, too.
*Disappointing people
*Finding a job
*ok, going down a spiral now. . .
*scary movies. I don't do scary movies.

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niki said...

Your kickboxing instructor...sounds gross! I've never seen anyone sweat like that, and I've done some hardcore workouts. I didn't even sweat that much at hot yoga, and there you sweat so much you have to extra hydrate beforehand so you don't get sick. Seriously?! Only her thong is dry?! That ain't right.