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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gonna Make You Sweat 'Til You Bleed, Is That Dope Enough? Indeed.

Oops. Sorry. Got a little carried away with C&C Music Factory.

Anyway, I'm afraid ya'll are going to hate me on this one.  I'm not much of a sweater, at least, not under normal conditions. I sweat when I'm supposed to - hot outside, working out, etc - but not really any other time.  Even when I do sweat, it's not profuse. Sure, I soak my sports bra, but my hair and face and stuff are at relatively normal sweat levels for that kind of activity. 

In high school, though, totally different story. I used to be terrified of shirts with sleeves in the summer because I would sweat, so I would always wear sleeveless.  Finally I figured out it wasn't me, it was my gel deodorant that wasn't dry when I got dressed, but by that time it was already psychologically ingrained, so for the next 10 years I only bought tank tops.

As for deodorant, I have a huge problem with it staining my shirts. Huge. And it's not "invisible" no matter what those bitches tell you in the commercial.  Best deodorant I ever had was in Australia. I think it was called Rexona, and it was a roll-on. Yeah! I know! I didn't think they made roll-on anymore either, but it was awesome. Closest to invisible and also great protection. Wish I'd have known I couldn't get it in the US or I'd have stocked up! (Ok, Wikipedia tells me in UK and Ireland it's known as Sure. Do we still have that here? No idea.)

4 tips left at the bar:

Andria said...

That's why you live in tank tops? Really?! who knew?!
I'm pretty sure we still have "Raise your hand if you're Sure."
But, then again, maybe not, I haven't seen those commercials in a long time.

Bj in Dallas said...

OK, I work out with a lady that comes in full makeup and hair perfect, and she leaves the same way.......
me, however, is dripping sweat from every visible place and beyond and I just always THINK that I had a better workout than her. Or I am sweating out Chardonnay and she is not.

penelope said...

I do not get people who work out in full makeup! What is that!

niki said...

Yes, that was the origination of the tank tops! Of course then I got so used to it that I hated the "constraint" of sleeves, so it became about so much more than sweat.

Do not understand full make-up worker outers either. Can't be good for your skin, right? It's like the girls on my softball team that used to purposely put on mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow just before a game. Made me SO. MAD. But let's look how far I've come since those days and look at them...EXACTLY. Hard work pays off.

Taking bitch hat off now and going to bed :)