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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cowabunga, dude!

My immediate reaction to this question: race car driver.  Then I realized the question was not "which sport would you most want to play professionally" but "If you could be given the skills, which sport would you want to play professionally."  Any of you that has ridden in the car with me can attest that I do, in fact, possess the requisite skills to be a race car driver.  Lead foot. Reckless abandon. Competitive drive to beat everyone. Pretty much it, right? I just don't have investors to back me and all that jazz.

But the skills I don't possess, but would give my firstborn child to have, are these:

Trust me. I've tried. It ain't pretty. What IS pretty are the surfer boys you'd get to hang out with and the abs o' steel and toned butt you'd get. Not to mention you'd be a badass.

2 tips left at the bar:

Andria said...

while I'm not sure that pledging your firstborn child you have no intention of ever having bears much weight, I can attest to your strong desire to be a surfer girl and I think you'd rock at it. Surf's up!

penelope said...

Surfing, yessss. Excellent. Anything to catch Jack Johnson's eye is a good idea.