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Sunday, May 24, 2009

When all else fails, DRINK.

This barmaid has not had the best of holiday weekends. Suffice it to say, BOYS SUCK.  When this happens, where does your barmaid turn for help?  The [wine] bottle and the other barmaids, naturally.

As of approximately 5:15pm EST the following call for help was transmitted via text messaging to barmaids and other special friends of this barmaid (paraphrasing b/c too drunk to remember exact words):

"VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION - Can you drink a glass of red wine that has been sitting out all night? Does your answer change if this is the last glass of wine in the house?"

Live blogging the responses.  So far:

Red: It will probably be gross. Make sure no flies. Go buy new wine.
Niki: Yeah. Not an option. Alread d runk.
Red: You are awesome.
Niki: Also, just realized cannot buy alcohol on Sunday in Bible Belt!!

6:34pm, 5/24/09
Temp: I don't think wine can go bad, per se. It may taste like crap, but alcohol content is unchanged, I think.

6:48pm, 5/24/09
Pen: What will you do when said glass is consumed? Perhaps better to acquire backup bottle first.
Niki: Is Sunday. Cannot acquire in [state]
Pen: Is it no liquor on Sunday or do you just have to wait til past noon?
Niki: Oooh. You have given me hope!

9:41pm 5/24/09
Andi: Hell yeah - the alcohol will kill it!
Moments later Andi called and immediately said: "What the hell has [he] done this time?" LOVE. IT.

2 tips left at the bar:

penelope said...

Did it taste like vinegar? Inquiring minds... :)

niki said...

I haven't tried it...yet. I wanted to make sure it was the absolute last thing available before going there. That being said, that very situation is not far off. *If* I brave the old glass of wine, will totally report back. For now, keeping fingers crossed friends will bring reserves!