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Thursday, May 14, 2009

What I'm reading, and the biggest WTF I have ever seen

Honestly, I'm not reading a whole hell of a lot lately. Not technically, anyway. Oh, I have been reading (and rereading) a few school assignments I wrote, chapters of a textbook, emails, Twitter and some blogs.


More specifically, tonight as I was catching up on the blogs of a few of our readers, I came across two pictures that were... interesting. Normally I can count on BJ to have the most effed up pictures on her blog, and quite frankly, I have no idea where she finds them.

But not tonight.

No, tonight I went over to see Lorrie at Our Name Is Blog and found this picture:

I don't even know in what context this pic was originally posted, but all I can say is DAY-UM! Can I have this body? I commented to Lorrie that I kind of wanted to touch this woman's boobs. And I kind of mean it.

And then. Then I click on over to see our friend Miss Thystle. You can always count on MT to have some wacky stuff, but this TAKES THE EVER LOVING CAKE.

She found this confounding photo on Awkward Family Photos (which is chock full of, well, awkward family photos). I was absolutely at a loss for words at this. And continued to be as I read the comments.

Holy crap, the comments!

There are plenty of 'call CPS!' and 'these people are effed up!' and 'therapy will be in order!' comments, but what I'm talking about are the terribly witty ones that MADE ME CRY, they were so funny!

Just a few choice ones:

" It gets infinitely grosser if you think that maybe, just maybe, dad’s bait-and-tackle is actually there in a form-fitting part of the costume. I just made myself barf."

" Damn! Look at that sack!!!"

"Where do you even rest your eyes?? Every single thing about that picture in uncomfortable!"
(in response) "No safe place place to rest at all. Like looking at the sun." (in response) " i think the chest hair upon reflection hurts the most. it like they scalped raggedy anne and dyed it and stapled it to his chest.. i mean yeah the rest of it is OMG but that chest hair…."

"That high-pitched whirring sound you’re hearing? Freud spinning in his grave."

"I think it’s a nudist family in the winter." (in response) "You would think that if this is a winter scene the male genitalia would be smaller…"

"More like People’s Exhibit 1."

"Mom needs a Weedeater for that Bush"

(If you are wondering why I am making light of a clearly effed up picture, it should be said that the story of this photo goes back to a California artist, Anna Maltz, who made the nude suits and had models pose in them as families for her art of exploring societal taboos. You can watch a video about her (and the suits) here. I could have told you that at the beginning, but I just wanted to you freak out like I did... Thank me later.)

And thus ends the report on what I'm reading. Like I said, you can thank me later. Much later.

3 tips left at the bar:

Bj in Dallas said...

thanks for stopping by......hopefully yu saw The Rant Club photo....I need that tshirt..

I usually find my pics on Google Image, because sadly there are some weird F'd up people out there, but gladly, they photograph their weirdness.

Cakelet said...

My comment for the furry naked people was going to be... "There's GOT to be a backstory to this picture..." I'm really glad you told it, because otherwise, I was going to be disturbed for days. Since it's art... for some reason? That makes it slightly less disturbing. But only very slightly.

Lorrie Veasey said...

OMGawsh if you want to see a collection of HIGHlarious blog pictures go to Kreg's blog at

I agree that BJ usually finds the best ones-but his are pretty fab for the month o may.