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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's Hump Day: Let's celebrate the fool in us

Question #3 for the big Week O' Asking All Kinds of Things We Shouldn't:

I guess technically yesterday's question should have been today's, but whatever. I can't be bothered to think of these things in advance. Actually, something else I didn't think of in advance is that since today is April Fool's Day, yesterday's question (and possibly made-up answers) should have been today's. Again, I don't plan well.

In honor of a day that's all about lying:

Tell us, what was the biggest lie you have ever told? (And more importantly, did you get caught? Please describe the whole situation in minute detail for our prying minds.)

Oh, and feel free to lie to us. That's what today is all about!

7 tips left at the bar:

penelope said...

I like to tell K.Lo that mommies get chocolate for going on the potty.

It's not a big lie, but I enjoy telling it.

Ruby said...

It seems like I did the most lying when I was in high school...

* Yes, so-and-so's parents will be there. Read: um, Hell No they won't! We're having a party. With BOYS.

* I'm just going to spend the night with so-and-so. Read: sneak out of her house and go downtown until 4 AM or sneak out and go to a party with BOYS.

* Sorry I'm past curfew, we had a flat tire. Read: I told my friends 'screw it' and stayed out dancing my fanny off.

And I never got caught. Except we almost got into a head on collision one of the nights we sneaked out to go downtown. That almost scared me out of doing it again. Almost.

Such a rebel, I know.

I would like to nominate someone else's biggest lie (even though they didn't know they were lying at the time):

It's OK, I'm not ovulating.

And of course now there is a beautiful girl as evidence that, in fact, that was a lie. :)

penelope said...

That last lie and its repercussions just made my day!

almost anonymous said...

Fun idea for the week.

Not the biggest lie, but we told my roommate we liked her play. She was fine, but the rest of it...not so much.

In the future, I suppose it's better to be a bad roommate than hope she doesn't get parts :)

penelope said...

Hm, mainly crickets at the bar for this one, eh?

AA, that was a pretty smart lie. And kind. :)

Cakelet said...

I haven't told my biggest lie yet. Guess I'm saving it for when I really need it.

Lorrie Veasey said...

I made the mistake of telling some kids at summer camp that I had leukemia when I was in the fifth grade. Boy, did it suck going back to face them the next summer when they were all expecting me to be dead.

I hope people learn from this story.