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Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Friday: LET'S YELL

Question #5 for the big Week O' Asking All Kinds of Things We Shouldn't:

Feeling kind of ornery for a Friday? Perfect! We are rounding out the week-long questionnaire session by asking you to get something off your chest:

Tell us, who or what needs to Get Over It?

Need some help getting your ornery engine running? Allow me.

To my mother in-law - Your son likes my cooking better than yours. GET OVER IT.

- or -

To the economy - You suck. GET OVER IT.

(This beautiful little gem of an idea is stolen directly from my favorite morning show on radio Kidd Kraddick.)

11 tips left at the bar:

Cakelet said...

Me. Definitely. I totally need to get over myself. I'm always talking about my struggles and my issues and my emotional turmoil to my friends. To one friend in particular. And sometimes I think, if I were her, and I saw me coming, I'd want to run. She is a good listener. That is her curse. And I love to talk. That is mine.

Ruby said...

To anybody that ever hears I lived in Kansas: There is more to the state than tornadoes. Now quit asking and GET OVER IT.

Ruby said...

To my 5 year old: That attitude that you picked up from I don't know where that makes you say things like "I'm not in the mood for you tell me 'hurry! be quick!'? YOU NEED TO GET OVER IT. RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE, YOUNG LADY.

Bj in Dallas said...

People that think my divorce is their business...Get. Over. It.

Customers that think bitching at me gets them ahead. Not So Much. Get Over Yourself!!

Other than that, I'm good!! And very TGIF....!

Ruby said...

What I think Pen would like to write:

To Ruby: Yes, I'm a Yankee and talk different than you and eat sandwiches you've never even heard of. GET THE EFF OVER IT OR I WILL UNLEASH MY YANKEE TEMPER ALL OVER YOUR ASS.


penelope said...

Ruby Dooby Doo, you're silly. :)


Actually, I did say that to her yesterday. Is that wrong? She was throwing stuffed animals and slamming doors. She is 3! Not 13.

Bj in Dallas said...

wait until she is 13! It just gets more ridiculous the way they justify the behavior....and I have a good one!!

penelope said...

BJ, I'm very, very scared about 13. She is something else!

Andria said...

the groovy salon I took my son to for his first haircut this week and am going back to today for pictures with live baby bunnies and was trying to give them some referral business, but they won't work with my friend on the price of her son's haircut (just needs a little work from her attempting it on her own, and her sister does it for free, but lives an hour away, so she was going to go here and get the haircut before doing the pictures, too!) can just Get Over themselves. They just lost a lot of good faith and it makes me want to call an cancel our own appointment and regret all of the good will I've been generating for them.
(longest explanation kiss off letter ever!)

sheila said...

Kidd Kraddick is from here in Dallas - I forgot he was syndicated. OK, much to rant at - will post later!

Andria said...

13 terrifies me as well! As does 4, 5, 6 . . .16, 18, 21. . .

Also, the busted lip my son just gave himself needs to get over it before the pictures we have scheduled this afternoon!