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Monday, March 23, 2009

Don't look at the nude Scrabble pic. Just don't.

Since Penelope has been so kind to let me bring a few 'luxury' items to our retreat in the mountains, I'd like to offer up this one first and foremost:

::collective gasp!::

I know, I haven't read any of them yet, but I want to! From what I hear, I should be able to fly right through a few of them, right?!

When I don't have my face in a book (catching up to the last five years or so), I will be making ludicrous challenges to the other ladies in a game of strip Scrabble.

That's right, I'm bringing this bad boy with me. I've got the super duper turntable Scrabble!

Sweet Mother! When I Googled 'Scrabble' to get the pic to the left, it came up with this:

Whatever you do, don't click on it to see it bigger. DON'T. (You're going to, aren't you?)

And, since I am a newbie Tweeter, I'll be sure to have my cell phone handy to send glorious tweets from our weekend. Somebody just make sure I don't drink and Tweet. (dweet? twink?) Or maybe I should...

**Don't you worry, Cakelet and Thystle, we will most definitely have our laptops and cameras!**

4 tips left at the bar:

penelope said...

Hooray, you're finally going to read Twilight! Probably you'll think it's crap, after all the hype. ;) Actually, it is pretty much crap, but the highly addictive variety.

That picture...eeeek! Love how they just named the file "scrabble." Like that's the most prominent thing happening there.

Cakelet said...

Twilight is definitely crap, but it's fun crap, and perfect for a retreat weekend. And naked people just look funny.

Miss Thystle said...

vampires don't sparkle. The end. There, now you can skip it.

Andria said...

Once you finish one, you can pass them on to me, I haven't read them yet either, but want to!

At least they are eating healthy snacks - that's one large. . bag of veggies!