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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Andi's playlist

And you just thought we had a variety of musical tastes so far!

I think it's ok to have music for playing in the car - we all have a long way to drive, so we need good music to keep us alert, but many may also be riding with someone, so good background music is nice, too. Or, once we are at the cabin, we will need some upbeat music to dance around to and have on while we play air hockey and such, but we'll also need some more low key options for background as we wind down and sit around and bond and chat and such [boys read: makeout]

Old school, a little new stuff, things that get me moving and shaking. . .and once again I can't count. I tried for some Kid Rock, Blues Traveler and Drivin n Cryin, but all had issues or didn't have the songs I wanted.

SeeqPod - Playable Search

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penelope said...

Ha--was also thinking about Baby Got Back! Nice selections. We definitely need a little mix, I just thought my usual fare would be too dreary and was trying to spice it up. Love this fancy little playlist gadget. I was having issues with Seeqpod, couldn't get it to work for me...

sheila said...

Baby Got Back is an awesome choice. So is anything by Willie Nelson - Whiskey River is an old favorite too!!

Wow, this sounds like a great trip. jealous!!

Miss Thystle said...

I have almost all of those songs on my iPod! You rock!

Ruby said...

Thanks for hitting on the country songs! A Little Less Conversation will make me think of Josh Duhamel. Mmmmm. :)