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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Two Thumbs Up

Taraji Henson

Love the dress, love the hair, love the necklace, but most of all love how happy she looks. And is that a red purse? Hot. Your movie sucked (Benjamin Button - don't waste those hours), but you made a great Academy Awards debut Taraji!
Beyonce's mom would've made this dress look like a hooker, but you pull it off with class.  Just enough sparkle to be interesting, but not enough to be tacky. On any other person, I might not like it.  I have no idea who you are, but I am insanely jealous of your curly locks and your cleavage. Fierce! 
At first I was not a big fan, but then she completely won me over somehow.  She looks like the embodiment of old-school Hollywood glamourous.  I think I may be developing a slight girl-crush on Ms. Hathaway.
Just because I love it so much, Freida Pinto bears repeating:

Some critics are saying this is an "old" look, as in she's dressing for the 75 and up age bracket.  But I would disagree saying that her dress is a combo of modern Hollywood and traditional Indian saris. The asymmetrical neckline is awesome, the color rocks my world, and even the arm lace that didn't work for Sophia Loren adds a touch of elegance.  This dress would look beyond ridiculous if I tried to wear it, but she completely pulls it off.

For Friday I think I'm focusing on the hot (and not-so-hot) gentlemen, because who doesn't love eye candy at the end of the week?  That means that I wasn't able to get around to writing and posting about as many of the women as I'd hoped.  So I now open the comments as a free-for-all discussion on any atrocious or gorgeous lady I may have missed!  (i.e. Meryl Streep - classy but boring color? Reese Witherspoon - I cannot decide b/c blue and black combo was great, but WTF was up with the pattern? Vanessa Hudgens - why was she there?)

3 tips left at the bar:

penelope said...

Yes, two thumbs up all around. I too have a girl-crush on Anne Hathaway, she's just so damn lovely all the time. And totally, with the Freida Pinto dress!

penelope said...

Ew, I don't know about Reese's dress, was just looking through some pictures. It's like the designer made it in the dark or something. And yes, Meryl's dress: classy but boring color. She needs to stand out just a little more. Also, Diane Lane's dress was simple black, but I really liked the cut/style?

sheila said...

The whole night I kept saying that Taraji Henson's entire ensemble was THE best of everything I saw that night. And I loved Frieda Pinto's dress; I thought everything about it - the cut, teh color, the fit, the jewelry!! - was flattering.