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Friday, February 20, 2009

Time Suckage: A History

In spite of being a pretty organized, on-top-of-it girl while not parenting, I’m especially prone to time suckage. When I was younger, it was all about reading, to the point where it would draw commentary: Don’t you do anything other than read? I wish that were the case, these days. Reading, at least, seems to have higher value on the Time Suckage Scale of Relativity. But it is now squeezed in before bed or, if I’m feeling especially ambitious, while eating breakfast or cooking dinner. Mostly, the latter is too much to coordinate, as the Three Foot and Under Crowd usually demands whatever tiny little shred of resources I have remaining at my disposal.

TV also used to be a giant time sucker. Before the DVR, I used a VCR daily, and the list of shows on my Addiction List were too long to recount. Now, I still watch shows, still an avid user and admirer of the DVR. But the backlog is currently atrocious; I have five eps each of Gossip Girl and Privileged, an appalling three of Grey’s Anatomy, and just today caught up on the last two of Top Chef.

So what is it that I’m actually doing? Andi hit the nail on the head with her post on Lost Time. The children and my pesky habit of tending to their needs absolutely cannot escape blame here. But it seems like there’s something else there to blame…

Ah yes, the Interweb. I fully maintain that the Interweb is necessary for my sanity, but honestly, I may need to join a help group to curb my addiction. I’m never without some all-important item to research, or window-shop for, or post to a blog/Facebook. And yet, it’s never enough, somehow. I am forever checking and writing emails, and yet I can still (easily) remain behind in correspondence. I’ve slacked off on blogging regularly for a good month or two now. And I still have yet to pin down the perfect new stand for our fish tank. There will forever be a list of the Unsaid, the Undone, when it comes to the Interweb.

And yet, maybe it’s just life. Maybe the biggest Time Sucker is really time itself. The clock, the calendar, they need to slow down. I would still like to petition for a 28-hour day. Maybe I can get that movement started—I just need to look up a few things online…

2 tips left at the bar:

mendacious said...

hold on, i'm googling this right now as we're talking and netflixing something.

So n So's Mom said...

I hear you on the time suckage. I am new to this blogging thing - 2 months or so- and loving it but man...where does the day go? I am very busy all day but can't quite figure out tangibles at the end of the day. It's not laundry or grocery shopping or on some days even a shower. I have been sucked into cyberspace. To think I didn't even read a blog until 3 months ago. Look what I've been missing.
Love your site by the way!