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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Try and Beautify

Well honestly, I might be kind of lame with the Beauty Secrets, because currently I don’t even own mascara. Gasp! I know. But here is what I’ve come up with:

DF1. Oil of Olay daily facial cloths. I have been using these for a few years now, and every time I switch to something new, I switch right back. They cover all the bases: cleansing, mild exfoliation, conditioning. I truly wish they existed when I was in high school. You can pick according to your skin type, although I will forewarn that the “oily skin” variety is very different from the “normal” or “sensitive” skin choices. The cloths are much softer for the normal/sensitive, and just feel better overall. They’re probably not good for the environment, since you use one a day and throw it away, but I love them too much to care. If you do buy them: remember to lather first. Very important.

2. Buy clothes that fit, and don’t settle. After dropping $25 here, $25 there for several pairs of jeans and pants that fit *sort of* right, but not quite right, I have committed to just buying the pair that actually fit, even if the price makes me a little light-headed. Because, the pants that fit make a girl feel good. And, if you do the math on all the pants that only sort of fit and eventually are relegated to the back of your closet or the goodwill bin, compared to the 3-4 pairs of great pants you love to wear every day, the latter totally wins.

3. Sing a song. I’ve been using this technique increasingly as the children annoy me. I sing to myself, whatever song comes to mind, to help block out the whining, and to prevent the snakes from growing out of my head. Tip: writhing, hissing snakes are much less attractive than one’s own hair.

4. Shower every day. Not only does a shower provide the opportunity for full-body cleansing, it may also be the only time you’re able to spend physically by yourself, which is mighty important for gray hair and wrinkle prevention. For me, anyway. Sometimes, it’s the only place I can think. And, I’ve always gotten my best ideas in the shower. I swear I wrote my whole thesis there—not saying that was a good idea, but it seemed like it at the time.

image 5. Minty lip gloss: makes breath smell fresh. I kind of love this C.O. Bigelow mentha lip shine from Bath & Body works, mainly for the Nifty Factor. It feels good, too, especially in the winter.

5 tips left at the bar:

Miss Thystle said...

I'm a huge Oil of Olay fan. I've tried EVERYTHING and it's by far the best and it's wicked cheap too.

Also, I totally agree with the buy clothes that fit. That should also extend to bra's. A good bra is worth it's weight in gold.

~sarah said...

love all the beauty tips! this stuff fascinates me and i love to hear about what other people are doing.

i fully support #2 pen! i currently have a pair of jeans on my closet floor that i've worn maybe twice, tried to alter to fit better but they still don't, and they make me sad every time i see them b/c they were a waste of money. only $20 i think (ross) but still... who wants frown lines from a pair of $20 jeans?!

also, i really, really like l'oreal's skin genesis serum and eye lotion. it feels a little expensive to me ($16/bottle, $14 w/ the coupon), but the serum lasts for about 5 months and the eye stuff for about 4. i've seen a real improvement in my skin's texture and elasticity, especially around my eyes, and the fine lines around my mouth and eyes have really improved too, some of them disappearing all together. i'm only 29 so there weren't a ton to begin with, but i can feel a difference in my skin and i think that prevention is key anyway.

the genesis face lotion didn't impress me much though. i'm just sticking with eucerin's Q10 lotion w/ spf 15 for sensitive skin. seems to compliment the serum well.

also, a little lipstick apparently goes a long way. i never used to wear it but now i do once in a while. even if nothing else has changed about my appearance except the lipstick, people will gush about how nice i look. it's weird. who knew lipstick made such a difference? : )

Megan said...

Clothes that fit are key! And in regards to someone that, say, isn't a size 4, just own the fact that you aren't a size 4 and GET WHAT FITS! I can say this because I am not a size 4 (no matter what kind of fantastical illusion you have dreamed up for me!).

Don't even get me started on wearing bras that fit. I get kind of preachy when it comes to that.

OoO may have to be on my list the next time I venture out to the Wal Marts!

niki said...

That lip gloss sounds divine!

If only I could always abide by the clothes fitting rule - my problem is buying pants b/c I'm so damn short! I hate it when I find cute pants that don't come in the short/petite length, so I buy the regular, then never wear them because I don't get them hemmed! I have 2 pair that I've had for a year now that have not yet been worn b/c I can't find a tailor in BFE.

I'm totally with you on the showering every day, too. Pure necessity even if I get in trouble with the hair stylist for washing my hair too much : )

Captain Dumbass said...

#3 I love, though I may be screaming the songs. I already shower everyday and use facial and body cleansers, but I think I'll draw the line at the lip gloss. It's a fine line between metrosexual and, well...