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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Southern Grace

Happy Birthday, Megan!! The Big 3-0!!
I know it's the weekend and our bar is atypically slow on the weekends, but everyone raise your glass, we need to get 30 well wishes before closing time on her big day for Megan, the driving force behind getting us all together in the first place. If you say it with a Southern Drawl or are punny, she'll love it even more.

BJ did start some on the last post, so I'll continue with:

(2) Hope your new do turns out fabulous and you have a blast with your sis shopping.
(3) May your return to GA be all that you imagined it would be.
(4) May you find yourself surrounded by all the people that believe and support you the most (and are able to actually see them since you are now much closer geographically) and they help you succeed on this new path you have set for yourself and your family.
(5) I hope in the next 30 years your girls continue to bring you joy and grow up to find good cowboys you approve of and embrace.


5 tips left at the bar:

Sheila said...

HBD Megan!! I loved it when I turned 30, oh so many years ago -- it's just the best! In honor of your birthday & the plans, I too got my hair done. Grey is covered, ends are no longer split & I will raise a glass tonight in your honor. ENJOY!!

greg said...

Happy Birthday Mama Megan!

penelope said...

Happy Birthday, Megs! May you...
*Not feel OLDER at 30, simply WISER.
*Hear your girls speaking in a Southern accent by year's end.
*Have a fulfilling first year as a student again.
*Not take it too hard when we beat you in online Scrabble (ooo, burn!) over the next 12 months.
*Get a good buzz today, from whatever you're drinking.
*Have FUN celebrating you, even in the middle of all this change! Because you're officially 30, that's why!

xo, pen

Tempe said...

Happy birthday Megs!

niki said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGS! Hope you and your new do had a fabulous time!