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Friday, January 2, 2009


Which one of these is NOT my 2009 Smartini Resolution?

* Lure more male patrons to the bar by posting more T & A

* Not to let New Year's Eve hangovers, flight delays, and out-of-town trips affect my Smartini work (Shit. I think I already broke this one.)

* Curse less while on my shift

* Improve smart-assy skills, aspire to be more like Megan

* Be gracious winner when Florida beats Oklahoma. I mean, really. No Gator fan would be caught dead making a video like this:

7 tips left at the bar:

Andi said...

oh my. what a sweet friend she has.

I know it might as well not be #3, so I'm excited about the others!

penelope said...

Totally it has to be 3. I was just thinking we should all resolve to curse MORE at the bar! Or is that not classy.

ashley said...

Jason actually said that you had an "admirably foul mouth." :)

niki said...

Wow. I'm not sure if I should be flattered or ashamed!

ashley said...

Oh, I think he was impressed. That's what he told Tommy about meeting you. ;)

Bj in Dallas said...

don't tell him she's a Gator fan, that might blow the whole deal

Megan said...

It's the last one, I just know it! (Because who wouldn't want to be more like me?!) And I'm pretty sure that I now crave to be referred to as having an admirably foul mouth!