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Friday, January 9, 2009

I Suppose I Could Do Worse

Because I have been such a negligent bartender for the past few weeks, I will keep up that trend and contribute this cheater submission as my I Spy.

Our side yard, with a fence line to the back and pasture beyond

My new neighbors in Georgia are cows (you can't see them in this shot, but they're there, somewhere). Seriously. We don't have anyone in view, just a small herd of cows. I can't tell them apart quite yet, so I really don't know any good juicy tidbits to share about their goings on, but I can tell you this: one of them has been sleeping around with all of the others. And now (shhh!) all of those girls are having illegitimate children! THE SCANDAL!

We chose this house specifically for the neighbors, keep in mind, cow copulation and all. Because we're like that.

(Alright, alright! I can't take the shame! At our Kansas home we had one set of neighbors. Just one. A man and woman who were in their thirties? forties? with no children, yet she drove a minivan and he a crew cab truck. Why they needed all that space, I have no idea. He would mow the grass constantly and she had a huge field of irises that she tended to like children. And would then be seen out with her irises in bloom taking photos with a big, fancy camera. Later I learned that she printed the photos and mailed them as postcards to each member of her church on their birthday. And then I felt like a jackass for all of the snide things I said about her taking a billion pictures of her flowers. But I didn't feel bad for the things I said about him mowing his grass all the damn time and making our yard look bad. So there!)

2 tips left at the bar:

penelope said...

What's with all our neighbors being obsessed with lawn care? Clearly, Smartini girls know there is more to life!

That picture is beautiful. Is that really what you see now every day out your window? Lucky. Only thing missing is irises. Har har har.

Megan said...

That is what I see, and that's just to one side! PS: Some of those trees are pecan trees! Mmmm, pecan pie!