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Thursday, November 27, 2008

On this day

I am thankful for:

*My mom’s recipes for turkey and stuffing, which are fully executable and beyond fabulous.

*The strength to face NON-executable recipes at the last minute, such as Martha Stewart’s Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Pie, without freaking out (too much) and transform it into something both feasible and edible.

*My daughter, one K.Lo, who woke me up this morning with the tiny-voiced question, “Are we getting ready?” For what, I whisper. “For Thanksgiving?” Indeed.

*My son, one N.Lo, who at mine and K.Lo’s prompting said “dog” today and smiled with pride.

*The dogs, who are sweet and loyal and very well-behaved even if they scrounge for fallen food at every turn.

*The movie Elf.

*Lovely family meals with great food, lively conversation and a glass of wine.

*A husband who volunteers to help me clean up after said meal and offers a high-five when we’re done.

And, in no particular order:

*The warm, cozy house.


*The Internets.

*Friends! Both near and far.

*How the Universe always manages to provide.

*This Weekly Special, which brought me back to a state of mind I have long missed.

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Andi said...

lovely list and sounds like you indeed found Penelo-zen once again. Glad your feast turned out well.