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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


November 4th may be two weeks away, but in many states, the election has already begun. Whatever your views, whomever your choice, this great democracy can only work if we all participate.

That's why I'm here to encourage you: if your state has EARLY VOTING, please, please go ahead and get it done, check it off your to-do list.

Being something of a political junkie, I had not planned to take advantage of my state's early voting, which has been going on since last week. I like the atmosphere of election day, the electricity and excitement of the entire thing. To me, there is something special about it all coming down to this one moment.

However, the logic of voting early cannot be ignored. Anything can happen. Anything. You may get bird flu and not be able to get out of bed that day. You may choke on a roasted pumpkin seed and keel over on Halloween. You may get stuck in a Gossip Girl-watching coma on Monday night. You just never know.

More importantly - the more of us that vote now, the fewer of us in line on election day. Under one theory this could translate into even more people participating - if weeble-wobblers see a giant line, they may say, "ah screw it;" whereas, if they see an easily accessible in and out, they may say, "ah, what the heck!"

More voters = more participation = democracy at its best.

If you've made up your mind and your state is already in on the action, don't procrastinate! Go mark that bubble!

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penelope said...

The Lo Company is on it! Mainly because of the lines. But I do agree about that electricity of Election Day... maybe when the children have gone off to school.

Megan said...

How right you are, Nik. I just received my early voter notice today in the mail and thought long and hard about whether to do it early. But I think I'm in the camp of wanting to vote ON election day. Plus, I really want the sticker!

niki said...

The sticker issue is key, so I need to address it post-haste. From what I understand you get an "I Voted Early" sticker (at least you do in my state). I was considering a) asking for the sticker on the paper in order to preserve it for Election Day; b) asking for 14 days worth of stickers so I could wear one every day between now and Nov 4th. You think I'm joking....

pen said...

I saw a lady the other day wearing the same sticker you get on Election Day, so I think you still get the same one, even if you're an early bird!

Miss Thystle said...

I voted by early ballot two weeks ago! Because I'm type A like that.