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Monday, October 13, 2008

This Beach is Going on a Vacay

I'm going on a little one week vacay, and since money is no object, I'm going to think Big: Beach, Booze and Bfriends.

The Beach: St. Thomas, USVI

I went there once, had one hell of a time and decided that just a few days was not near long enough. This time I'm going back, and I'm going to park it. FOR A WEEK.

The Booze: Yes, please! What goes better with the beach (or a pool right next to the beach) that an open bar? Nothing, I tell you! Especially when that open bar is IN the pool and you get to take a little dip and swim right up. Hell. Yeah.

The Bfriends: My husband, of course! And then a few other couples who like the three Bs. And my girls, because if they weren't there I would surely have a few drinks and get all emotional that I left my two precious children on the mainland whilst I flounced off to get my beach on and end up calling and yammering on and on to E, because she's 4 and would put up with my nonsense, and then undoubtedly I would try to talk to baby A, even though she barely has teeth, much less can talk, and that wouldn't be pretty. So children on the trip, it is! And a babysitter. LET'S NOT FORGET THE BABYSITTER.

So off we will go for a week of laying by the pool, reading a book, listening to some island tunes, moving my body sporadically to reapply lotion or to cool off with a little dip in the pool (on my way to bar, of course) and taking naps. Just to mix things up, I might go lay in a hammock on the beach, read a book, listen to island tunes, move my body sporadically to casually rock the hammock with my foot, cool off with a little dip in the water and frequently give my drink order to a cute waiter.

Throughout the day the girls and I will check in with our spouses (who will surely be out deep sea fishing or crashing jet skis or something else testosterone-ish) and children, just enough so that we don't feel wrought with guilt. But then at night... when the little ones are tucked in tight... the adults will head out for some serious, sweat-til-you-die dancing, and I don't even care if any of us knows how. Just shakin' my ass, that's what I'll be doing, and having one hell of a time!

And I might not come home. (Thank goodness they sell booze in the airport... I know that for a fact!)

5 tips left at the bar:

Bj in Dallas said...

sounds like a hell of a time, i too need to get my beach on!!! can I borrow your sitter?
have fun fun fun
send pics when you get back

Andi said...


I'm quite certain Hubby, kids & I are among those couples you generously included in this vacay, right? ;)

penelope said...

My favorite part is the open bar right in the pool. Ever since I saw those Laguna kids living it up in Cabo with the open-bar pool, I've wanted IN.

niki said...

I'm dying for some ass-shakin, booze-infested, beach relaxation vacation. Don't care if I'm not invited, I'm coming to your party either way!

le said...

ahhhh sounds grand ! a holiday without a sitter is just the same ole thing in a different geographical location ... sad but true ... enjoy ! le