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Thursday, October 23, 2008

B & A: 630 PM

Exactly what will be the difference after 6:30? Am I buying a new car? Getting a new dog? Trying another jury trial? Or will I just clean out my dishwasher? I'll never tell.

Check back later on this evening and all will be revealed.

UPDATE: Ok ladies, here we go. Please be kind because A) I'm terribly un-photogenic (I promise, I'm cuter in person), B) My make-up is essentially non-existent in both photos, and C) I'm already a little uneasy about this entire transformation.

In varying degrees, my entire life Before 6:30PM today:

In San Francisco after a long day of exploring and walking, about to devour a delicious raw food meal.

After 6:30PM today:
Around 8pm tonight, after a shitty day at work, several hours in the salon, and a few beers in the bar.
Full Disclosure: I actually had an in-between step a couple of weeks ago, but I don't have an internet-worthy shot of that shade that I'm willing to post here. Also, the "before" doesn't capture how completely blonde and surfer-girl I was when I decided to go to the dark side, but I think you get the idea.

I know that it's going to fade, because it did before, but I'm not 100% on board with this new color. I took to it immediately last time; hopefully I'm just in a funk right now, the funk I've been in all day, the funk that almost made me cry at work, the funk that had me skip lunch because I was too pissed off to eat. Yeah, that kind of funk.

6 tips left at the bar:

penelope said...

Wowza!! You look great!! I have always wanted to go brunette, it makes lighter eye colors just pop.

And I'm so impressed with your commitment to the Weekly Special. ;)

Andi said...

Girl!!!!! You look so different. I LOVE it!! I'm so impressed. I was thinking about you at 6:30 tonight and almost called to see how your new shoes wore today. I thought I'd get another email notice when you posted, but didn't, so sorry I'm just getting to see the results!!! Awesome. Way to go. I'm sorry you were in a funk, but I really, really like the dark hair transformation. Your eyes really pop!!

Tempe said...

Wow! Love it!! Your eyes look AWESOME with the new color!!

Hope you got out of your funk - it's Friday!! :)

sheila said...

I think the new color really suits you! Not that the surfer color didn't, but Pen is right - your eyes just POP!
Hope the funk is gone today - tgif!

Karen said...

Niki, you look FABULOUS! I agree that the new, darker shade makes your eyes all the more gorgeous! Welcome to the world of beautiful brunettes. I am going to have to make sure my hubby doesn't see your pic as he has a thing for dark haired ladies with light colored eyes. Hmmmm- wonder if that is why he thinks Megan is so fabulous? I'll have to ask him...
Karen aka Brown-eyed-girl

niki said...

Thank you all for your positive responses and encouragement. My co-worker and boss were teasing me all day calling me "daughter of the devil" and asking me if I was going to put a hex on them. Apparently they are not big fans. :)