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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a hoot!

Warning: this post may not be of any significance to anyone (or have much logic contained within), but I just wanted to talk through it.

Owls are the newest trend this season, in case you hadn't noticed. I first saw them here and then here and also on an HGTV Color Splash episode, David painted some to include in a room - and how ironic I'm able to find a picture on "products for sale from the show." See, they are popular! And I decided I like little owls, they are cute. But, did I start liking them because I saw them or did I start noticing them because I decided I liked them? It's so cyclical! Just like when you get a new car (or know someone who gets one) and then you start seeing it everywhere. Or you have a child's name and start meeting people with it everywhere. Is it just that you are more in tune or are you really a trend setter? hee. Just food for thought on this Monday that is really a Tuesday.

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penelope said...

At first I was worried what these trendy owls would look like, but hey, they're pretty cute!

I agree, it's odd the way these things work. It must have something to do with the Matrix.

Megan said...

After reading this, I began to notice owls at the in laws house. Apparently my MIL collects them? And I had NO IDEA, until your post made me take notice!